American nurse collapses 17 minutes after taking Covid vaccine

An American nurse on Thursday collapsed just 17 minutes after taking coronavirus vaccine at a Tennessee hospital. The scary moment was captured on camera as it happened during a press conference on Covid 19 vaccine.

Nurse manager Tiffany Dover received the Pfizer-BioNTech jab at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga on Thursday and was giving a press briefing when she began to trail off, according to WTVC-9.

“All of my staff, you know, we are excited to get the vaccine. We are in the COVID unit, so therefore, you know, my team will be getting first chances to get the vaccine,” Dover said.

“And I know that it’s really … Sorry, I’m feeling really dizzy,” she continued.

Moments after recovering, she returned and told reporters “It just hit me all of a sudden, I could feel it coming on. I felt a little disoriented, but I feel fine now, and the pain in my arm is gone.”

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Doctors said the episode was not related to the ingredients in the vaccine.

Dover told WTVC-9 she has a condition where she often faints when she feels pain.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also said that fainting may occur after various types of vaccinations and medical procedures – usually due to pain or anxiety.

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