5 Andrew Tate Money Making Tips

British American former kickboxer, Andrew Tate has become an internet sensation over the last few months. Video clips of him offering insights on women and business often go viral on TikTok, and many fans now rely on his wisdom.

The Tate brothers, Andrew and his brother Tristan, often flaunt their riches on social media. Pictures taken at exotic locations worldwide, with cars, private jets and pretty women. It is hard to estimate the brothers’ exact networth. They’ve both talked about making their money from casinos, gambling, camgirls, podcasting and other media appearances. To be sure, both brothers, at the very least, appear rich.

If you can look past the toxic misogyny, racism and often unreasonable insights, Andrew Tate might have some money-making tips that can be valuable. Here’s a selection from his podcasts and media appearances.

1. Respect other hustlers

On one of his podcasts, Andrew talked about how some Nigerian scammers will message him asking for money – the usual Nigerian prince scam. He talked about how he will sometimes engage some of them in a conversation to get them to admit that they are scammers and when they do, he sent $150 to one who has remained loyal to him since then. The would-be scammer even went as far as to design a tribute poster when Andrew’s father died and would often repost everything he shared online.

Andrew bought the scammer’s loyalty with respect, he engaged him in a conversation even thou he knew exactly who he was and what he wanted. A little respect, even to those who don’t deserve it, can buy you truly loyal followers who can in turn help push your business.

2. Cutoff toxic family and friends

One of the major things that hold most people back is the toxic family and friends around them. The Tate brothers often talk about the strained relationship they have with their sister – she’s an American-based lawyer who believes Andrew and Tristan are too misogynistic and doesn’t approve of their business ventures in gambling and camgirls.

Family is not an unbreakable chain, and an important lesson to run a successful business that makes money is to cut off anyone that does not approve of your hustle. Tate would often describe his sister as low IQ because she thinks Trump is a racist. To be fair, Andrew thinks every woman has a low IQ.

3. Female friendship has no financial value to a man

If you are a man that wants to make money and build wealth, avoid plutonic friendships with females because they don’t offer you anything but disadvantages according to Andrew Tate. His logic for this is simple, imagine you are walking down the street with your female friend and someone snatched her purse, chivalry dictates that you as a man have to chase down the thief, and risk your life to get her purse back. Andrew believes this is neither fair nor reasonable since you’re not getting anything commensurate in return. You are not getting sex in return, and to think of it, your female friend will be the last person you will think of if you need help getting out of a situation like escaping a war zone.

Andrew believes that relationships and friendships should be two-way streets where everyone benefits. It is hard to argue that most females offer anything to males apart from sex, and a relationship where sex is not even a possibility seems unfair to the male.

4. Be disciplined

Andrew Tate is not a Muslim, but he often speaks of his respect for Islam and Muslims. The main reason is he realizes that Muslims are the only religious sect that has remained disciplined and still stand for something, “they don’t tolerate anything” as he often puts it.

In business you also have to stand for something, you don’t have to tolerate anything just for the immediate financial gains. Be disciplined.

5. Diversify

Andrew Tate’s income is diversified from multiple sources including casinos, gambling, camgirls, podcasting and other media appearances. That’s how to build wealth, multiple income streams from multiple sources.


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