Davido, Burna Boy fight dirty in Ghana clubhouse

Popular musicians, Davido and Burna Boy were involved in a brawl at a clubhouse in Accra, Ghana over the weekend. 

Nigerians on social media woke on Monday to multiple videos detailing what happened, leaving fans confused as to why the two singers have a beef to start with.

Also at the club was Starboy Wizkid who looked completely uninterested in whatever was going on, drinking away.

Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy are currently considered as the three most popular artists in and from Africa. The three of them generally do not get along smoothly with one another.

The cold war between the three biggest artists in Africa is being exacerbated by fans on social media. In May, Davido tweeted this picture of him and Wizkid with the caption “The 2 greatest of all time! No cap” after a fan had referred to Burna Boy as the biggest artist in Africa.

In response, Burna Boy questioned Davido’s success by claiming that he owes his achievements to his billionaire father, tweeting “you cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team. But your daddy bought the football team”.

Fans believed that Burna Boy’s song ‘Way Too Big’ from his August 2020 album ‘Twice as Tall’ was directed at Davido with the lyrics, “I’m way too big to be f***ing with you”.

In his track ‘FEM’ which is Yoruba slang for ‘shut up’, Davido addresses Burna Boy directly in the line, “Then Odogwu say we like to party just call me…” – ‘Odogwu’ and ‘Like to Party’ are both names of a Burna Boy song.

These back and fought diss became a brawl on Sunday night when Davido and Burna Boy allegedly fought dirty in an Accra club.

What happened on Sunday night?

Although the reason for the clash is still unknown, several videos have surfaced on social media that give some sense of direction to what may have triggered the events of the night.

In this clip shared on Instagram, singer Davido was heard instructing a DJ at the club to play his controversial song, FEM, which he described as the biggest song of 2020.

The video captured Davido performing the song as the audience cheered on.

Perhaps, the line about Burna could have heightened emotions which eventually led to the exchange between them.

Interestingly, another clip captured the moment Davido and Wizkid were standing far apart from each other in the club which was packed full. Both singers had members of their crew around them and they were seen enjoying the party.

Davido threatens to quit music

A few hours after the incident, Davido took to Twitter to leave a message that got a lot of his followers worried. He tweeted ‘I go leave this music for Una’ and quoted a tweet that suggested he was being maligned because he was born rich. The tweet read…” I agree now. The envy is too on this lad. He didn’t ask to be born rich. All he wants to do is make good music and leave a legacy.”

However, in a change of mind and also a reaction to the comment suggesting he was hated for being born rich, the singer said he will no longer allow anyone take him for granted and promised more hits. He tweeted… “Everyone knows this is the truth !!! 10 years I have been fighting this shit! But I swear nobody go see me finish again !! I WILL CONTINUE TO DELIVER YOU GUYS HITS!!!! TULE!!!!!”


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