Diamonds in KZN: South African government say stones discovered in Kwazulu not Diamonds but Quartz Crystal

The South African government has said the stones discovered in the country which has led to a rush are not Diamonds but Quartz Crystal.

The Government gave this information one week after locals say they discovered diamonds in their village.

The National department of minerals and energy including enforcement and compliance units, plus geoscientists were sent to inspect the site.

Last week, many people from across the country rushed to Kwa Hlathi village after a cow herder discovered what he thought was a diamonds.

Videos shared on social media show as people dig through the ground in search of the precious stones.

The discovery of what is believed to be diamonds in Kwa Hlathi village of South Africa’s Kwa-Zulu Natal province just exposes how people are desperate to find a way out of poverty.

Studies carried out in the area shows that the site is geographically located at the edge of the Karoo dolerite sill and is not an area where diamonds are normally found.

What are the precious stones found in KwaZulu Natal?

Some spent nights digging for stones.

The stones have been identified as quartz crystals which value is very low compared to that of diamonds.

The council of Geoscience will carry out further studies to see if other minerals are available in the area that can create jobs and improve the lives people living there.

The government has asked people to stop digging because illegal mining can have negative impact on the environment.


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