Femi Kuti reveals how his father, Fela used him for an experiment

Afrobeats singer Femi Kuti who is also the eldest son of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti has revealed how his father used him for a risky experiment to prove that one can be successful without acquiring formal education.

According to the singer, his legendary father refused to send him to school just to show that he could still be successful even without a formal education. He labeled this one of his father’s faults despite being a great man as it was a risky thing to do.

The singer disclosed this recently in an interview with presenters of Your View, a popular talk show on TVC.

According to him, though his father was a great man, he had his faults, one of which was his refusal to send him to school, an experiment he believes was very risky.

In his words,

“Yes Fela was great. But Fela did have faults. But one of the faults is that Fela wanted to use me as an experiment. His excuse was that I would be successful without going to school.

“And his mother, my mother, everybody, just freaked out. No! When I became successful he was like, Didn’t I tell you? Me that went through that experiment I know it was very risky.”

Femi Kuti was born in London and raised in Lagos. Despite his lack of formal education, he has a wildly successful music career. Femi has worked with acts like Egypt 80, Positive Force, WizkidCommon, and Mos Def.

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