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Ghanaian actress Efia Odo released on bail hours after leading ‘Fix The Country’ campaigners

Ghana Police has granted actress Efia Odo and over ten other campaigners bail hours after their arrests on Friday.

Police released all the campaigners they arrested on self-recognizance bail after some three hours of interrogation on why they gathered in front of a law court complex.

This came after lawyers of the campaigners demanded their release from the Accra Regional Police Command.

Actress Efia Odo announced her release on social media.

“Bail granted. A cause worth fighting for,” she posted on Twitter.

Ghana Police had earlier secured an injunction to stop #FixTheCountry protests.

Despite efforts to establish cause of arrest, the Police didn’t state clear reasons for the arrest of the campaigners who gathered during the court hearing.

FreeEfiaOdo was the number one trend on Twitter following the arrests.

The court after hearing legal arguments from lawyers on both sides on Friday adjourned the proceedings to deliver ruling around 1.30pm.

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But while the arguments were going on, some FixTheCountry campaigners pitched their camp in front of the law court complex holding placards.

Supporters of the campaign are already pushing for police to release some 15 members in police detention.

What is #Fix the Country

Youths in Ghana started online protests around May 3 to complain about the harsh economic conditions in their country.

They planned a street protest on Sunday May 9 but Ghana Police secured a court injunction against that demonstration.

The Police Service filed a motion in which they asked the court to stop the street protests from happening untill restrictions on public gatherings due to Covid-19 is lifted.

Despite that the Supreme Court threw out the first ex-parte application, police filed another one again at an Accra High Court.

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