How much prize money every Premier League club made based on their final league position

Manchester City had already secured the 2020/21 Premier League trophy and their final match against Everton was just a formality.

Pep Guardiola’s side wrestled back the title from rivals Liverpool, who endured a difficult campaign but ended it on a high to somehow finish third.

The Reds eventually had a comfortable afternoon securing their top four spot with a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace, but things didn’t go quite as smoothly for their closest challengers.

Leicester looked on course to join the Champions League party next season as they led Tottenham 2-1, while Chelsea were set to drop out of the qualification places as they trailed Aston Villa 2-0.

But how quickly things in football can change, as three goals for Spurs saw Leicester beaten 4-2, meaning Chelsea’s eventual 2-1 defeat mattered little as they scraped home in fourth.

It was a decent finish for West Ham too, who followed closely behind in sixth to land a Europa League spot, while Arsenal missed out for the first time since 1995.

Leeds even managed to sneak a spot ahead of Everton in the top half, while their fellow promoted clubs last season, Fulham and West Brom, are sent packing back to the Championship.

Yet while those clubs who have failed to meet their objectives may be licking their wounds, there is some consolation as each club will of course be due a handsome payout by the Premier League by way of prize money.

Here’s what each club is estimated to earn based on last season’s merit share figures as supplied by Sportscriber.

Premier League prize money 2020/21

1st – Man City – £38m

2nd – Man Utd – £36m

3rd – Liverpool – £34m

4th – Chelsea – £32m

5th – Leicester – £30m

6th – West Ham – £28m

7th – Tottenham – £27m

8th – Arsenal – £24m

9th – Leeds – £23m

10th – Everton – £21m

11th – Aston Villa – £19m

12th – Newcastle – £17m

13th – Wolves – £15m

14th – Crystal Palace – £13m

15th – Southampton – £11m

16th – Brighton – £10m

17th – Burnley – £8.5m

18th – Fulham – £6m

19th – West Brom – £4m

20th – Sheffield United – £2.5m

Of course this is just a fraction of what each club in the league earns as all the clubs will still receive their share from television broadcast royalties, Jersey and stadium advertising, match day tickets amongst other sources of revenue.


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