How to get a Migo loan via the new FirstBank LIT App

Nigeria’s premiere bank, FirstBank Limited has just launched a new app it said is focused on improving the mobile banking experience of its customers. One of the new features of this new app is that has been automatically integrated with Migo loans to provide short term nano loans to Nigerians.

Migo is an automated money lender that provides Nigerians with short-term loans on demand. The company has so far disbursed over N40 billion to more than one million Nigerian customers. Now, Migo is integrated on the new FirstBank LIT app to make their service even more seamless.

Here is how to apply for a Migo loan via the FirstBank app:

  1. Click on “Loans” from the app menu.
  2. Select Nano Loan from the displayed options.
  3. Select get a loan.
  4. Select your account number and enter your desired loan amount.
  5. Select Migo as your loan provider.
  6. Multiple loan options will be displayed based on your credit score, select the one that is most acceptable to you.
  7. Select your existing ATM card or enter a new card as how you would like to payback your loan.
  8. The loan amount will be automatically deposited in your FirstBank account.

Getting a loan with this method is very efficient, most especially for those who are concerned about sharing their personal data and BVNs with loan apps that might be unsecure.

Migo nano loan via First Bank offer the following advantages:

  1. You are absolutely sure of the security of your data, as the whole process is happening on the secure FirstBank app.
  2. Get a loan without having to share your BVN.
  3. Get revolving credit as Migo loan will borrow you a higher amount every time you payback your loan.
  4. Competitive interest rate of about 1% per day.
  5. No documentation or collateral needed.

To get a loan, download the FirstBank LIT app to get started.


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