Ibadan beggars claim they lose N5m after government changed their location

Some street beggars in Ibadan say they are counting their losses that is up to N5 million after the state government relocated them from Unguwar Sabo to Akinyele part of the city.

In a statement, the state government said relocating the beggars became necessary in order to help them and monitor their activities.

But the beggars claim, the hurried nature of the relocation is partly why they loss up to N5m from their former base.

They said their former location in Unguwar Sabo is more central and gives them better access to Ibadan compared to Akinyele area that is located a bit out of the city.

The beggars also claim that the government didn’t seek their input or ask them to prepare before the relocation, that government just decided to carry out the exercise without consultation.

Ibrahim Mohammed, who is the chairman of blind beggars told newsmen that his people do not like their present location at Akinfele for many reasons.

“Government sent us letter on the same day they relocated us without giving us time to prepare. This is why we lost about N5m due to the relocation.”

“But since it’s government action no way to fight the issue, we accept it like that.”

On his part, Mustapha Umar who is the chairman of crippled beggars say the action of the Oyo state government is not proper as they weren’t given time to prepare before the relocation.

“What this government did is not proper, because we be beggars doesn’t mean we don’t have rights.”

For now the beggars say they have some demands from Oyo state government regarding amenities at Akinfele area so they can enjoy the place.


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