Kenyan teacher ‘corrects’ 9 grammatical mistakes in British Royal Family’s statement

A teacher based in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, Mwalimu Joshua Njenga has detected some grammatical errors in the statement issued by the Buckingham Palace on Teusday, March 9 with regard to Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle’s interview with Oprah.

In a viral post on Facebook, Njenga highlighted what he believed were ‘errors’ contained in the statement, introducing the wordings he thought would be appropriate instead.

Njenga said he had a debate with his students who noted the statement was grammatically faulty right from the header to the closing sentence, pointing out the unnecessary wordings that had been carried therein.

Dear Buckingham Palace, In my morning class, we discussed the difference between active and passive writing, and we used your statement for practice. I asked my students to rewrite it using active language. Here is what they did.” he said in a caption before sharing the ‘corrected statement’


Mwalimu Joshua Njenga

However, a lot of Facebook users were quick to point out that Mwalimu was himself wrong in his correction. Others simply criticize his post for being nonsensical.

“You just dumb how can u replace particularly to especially u get issue with English,” Marmah Martey wrote.

“You can’t know English than everyone including those you Learned English from. I mean the Englishmen,” Abubakar Sadik. reacted.

“He’s not right entirely. The fact that you want to change it from passive to active and or vice versa doesn’t mean you must remove some parts of the statement,” Bla Evans opined

Njenga’s Facebook page also has other posts on grammar corrections. His targets range from newspaper publications, to ex Presidents and he even corrected the United States embassy in a post.


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