Most stressful cities in the world: Lagos ranks second worse

Lagos ranks as the second most stressful city in the world, according to a new research.

Vaay, is the German company that conducted the research.

In the list of 100 cities, ranked from the most stressful to the least stressful.

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital ranks bottom of list – the only city worse than Lagos, is Mumbai in India.

The criteria used to rate the cities include noise, air and light pollution, unemployment rates and traffic congestion.

Other measurements used are governance, social security, mental health and weather.

Other African cities on the list include, Nairobi in Kenya which made the ranking at number 20. Meanwhile Darkar, Senegal sit at 16th position

10 most stressful cities in the world

  • Mumbai – India
  • Lagos – Nigeria
  • Manila – Philippines
  • New Delhi – India
  • Baghdad – Iraq
  • Kabul – Afghanistan
  • Moscow – Russia
  • Karachi – Pakistan
  • Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Kiev – Ukraine

In 2018, the World Bank highlighted that air pollution in Lagos causes illness and premature deaths which cost the city $2.1 billion in 2018 alone.

But the major factor causing stress in Lagos, is the many traffic jams.

JCDecaux Grace Lake Nigeria, an advertising company in Lagos, found that Lagosians spend 30 hours inside traffic every week – or 1,560 hours every year.

Compare this to Los Angeles where motorists spend 128 hours in traffic for the whole year.


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