Over Her Dead Body: Nollywood movie review and film summary

Have you ever been In a cinema and you’re wondering how on God’s green earth the movie you’re watching even made it past screening? Well, ‘Over Her Dead Body’ will leave you with a similar feeling.

This cringe-inducing movie is simply of low quality even by Nollywood standards.

The plot of the movie is literally what you most have seen before if you’ve ever seen any Nollywood movie ever – a wicked mother-in-law brings a new bride for her only son, whose wife has been unable to give birth. She tries to frustrate the somewhat innocent wife while her son keeps saying he doesn’t want a new bride and that he loves his wife. Typical Nollywood.

‘Over Her Dead Body’ was supposed to be a comedy drama, but hardly is there any humor observed throughout the movie.

The acting was also below enthusiastic in a movie boasting of stars including Ayo Mogaji, Gregory ojefua, Nse Ikpe Etim, Shola Onomor, Taiwo Solanke, Uche Mac-Auley and directed by Sola Osofisan.

In all, this movie is a 2/10 and even that is generous. Nollywood should have grown past making such poor quality movies, and even when they do, they at least shouldn’t be putting it in cinemas.

How to watch ‘Over Her Dead Body’

The movie will be showing in cinema chains across Nigeria. Movie ticket price at Viva cinema is N2000 per adult and N1000 for popcorn with another N250 for drinks. You’ll need N3250 per adult to watch this movie at Viva cinema chain across the country, the price shouldn’t be far off at other cinema chains too. If you’ll like something extra you can watch it at the VIP section of Genesis cinemas starting at N7000 per adult. At Silverbird Cinemas, the price is N3000 with popcorn and drink inclusive.


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