The Weekend’s Extreme Make-up Look Shocks Fans

Millions of fans around the world are debating whether The Weekend got extreme plastic surgery on his face or he is simply wearing an equally extreme make-up in his new video “Save Your Tears”.

The 30-year-old Canadian – real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye – caused an internet frenzy with his grotesquely exaggerated new look.

It all started in August last year when the singer prompted concern from some fans when he took to the stage with an apparently bloodied face during the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony.

Two months later, he showed up at the American Music Award ceremony in November wearing bandages on his face.

Now, it appears that the two instances were a setup for his latest music video, which dropped on Tuesday (5 January).

The Weekend’s new look resembles that of Sahar Tabar, the Iranian who became famous for posting distorted pictures of herself to resemble a zombie-like Angelina Jolie.

Reps for The Weeknd have not responded to media requests for comment about whether his disturbing new look was achieved through prosthetics or CGI. He has previously worked with the Prosthetic Renaissance, a makeup effects studio that is taking credit for the transformation on social media.

With this admission, it is safe to assume that The Weekend did not undergo any extreme plastic surgery on his face, rather he is merely donning heavy makeup for a music video.

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