Top 5 African Reality TV Shows For Entrepreneurs

TV shows are a nice way to relax and enjoy after a hard day’s work or at the weekend. And there’s a plethora of shows to watch on Tv these days it can almost feel overwhelming.

But if you an existing entrepreneur or someone who is looking for an interesting business idea, these TV shows can inspire you to finally take the big step. These shows are not only entertaining, but they provide a practical guide on how to run a business in particular African environments, the dos and don’ts of business in specific countries and mentorship from actual Africans who know what its like to run a business in Africa.

Highlighted below are some of the best business-minded African TV Reality Shows to give you more insights on business ideas and help you launch your business idea as well:

1) The Apprentice Africa

The reality show features individuals from different walks of life, from engineers to CEOs, marketing consultants, social entrepreneurs and software developers. These individuals participate in the programme to further harness their entrepreneurial skills and in the end, get selected to work in a prominent organization.

The Apprentice Africa premiered in February 2008 and ended in June of the same year with about 18 contestants participating from six African countries which include Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon and Guinea Conakry.

2) The Next Titan

The Next Titan reality show is arguably one of the best entrepreneur tv reality shows with its Season 9 registration currently ongoing where the winner will go home with ₦20M and the runner-up going with go home with ₦5M.

This show scouts for ambitious business owners seeking to demonstrate their entrepreneurial insight with indomitable business ideas, and commercial awareness. It’s open to all Nigerians between the ages of 21 and 40.

The 2019 season of The Next Titan show had 16 finalists who lived together for 10 weeks, competed with one another over 10 tough business tasks, and underwent varied business challenges until a winner emerged. The judges of the show are said to be top Nigerian business leaders who also mentor the contestants.

3) Hangman

This reality show brings together aspiring entrepreneurs who have identified a gap in the market. The entrepreneurs pitch an innovation that fills that void and explains how the product will penetrate the market.

To win the approval of the Backers, the judges of the show (businesswoman, Phuti Mahanyele; celebrity economist, Iraj Abedian; self-made billionaire, Quinton van der Burgh; and the chairman of Shell South Africa Energy Limited, Bonang Mohale), contestants will have to complete several tasks. Their stay in the programme was asermined by their performance.

4) Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (AYE)

The reality show comprises a weekly agenda of ideas, startling facts, statistics, insight into the Nigerian economy, entertainment, and educational facts. It features the most fascinating and diverse business owners embellished with the excitement of the caught in the act (CIA) segment.

The AYE Reality TV show aims to identify and showcase innovative business ideas and solutions to the world.

5) Project FX Make-up show

Launched in 2016 with makeup artist contestants from five African countries, it provides an avenue for new and upcoming makeup artists to exhibit their innate creativity. The goal of the show is to prepare African makeup artists to possibly win the Oscars in 2021 and challenge the new contestants to bring out their best creative side each season. It also has the purpose of uniting Africa through make-up.

It’s evident that these reality shows promote and teach entrepreneurial lessons. Acting as a mirror, you get to watch business owners make mistakes, how they pitch business ideas to investors, the struggle to win the prize, the ins and outs of running a business.

These shows have proven to not only being entertaining but helping business minds shape the business ideas, presentation and negotiating skills and also served as a source of business ideas to viewers not only in Africa but around the globe.

There’s nothing new under the sun, as the saying goes. Sometimes all you need is to find someone else’s already existing idea, finetune it a little bit and you might be on your way to making it big. These shows up here, are a goldmine of business ideas.


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