Tope Alabi saga: Adeyinka Alaseyori ‘Oniduro mi’ singer says Tope Alabi is like a ‘mother’ to her

Nigeria Gospel artiste, Adeyinka Alaseyori has spoken out for the first time on the controversy with her colleague, Tope Alabi.

In a video, where she appears to be ministering, Alaseyori said “Let Jesus take the wheel, mummy Tope Alabi is our mother. She is a mother to me and many others and by virtue we are blessed by her ministry.”

Tope Alabi had earlier criticised her song, Oniduro Mi, in a video which has since gone viral.

She claimed that she liked the song but holy spirit ask her to shut up when she wanted to sing it. For her, to call God Guarantor is to undermine everything he is doing for us.

‘Oniduro Mi’ is a words from Yoruba language which means ‘My Guarantor’.

This made people to criticize Tope Alabi saying she has no right to badmouth another person’s song like that.

Tope Alabi

How Alaseyori responded?

deyinka Alaseyori has come out to ask for peace as she ask Jesus take the wheel in this whole saga.

In a video, where she appears to in ministration, Alaseyori says “Let Jesus take the wheel, mummy Tope Alabi is our mother

“She is a mother to me and many others and by virtue we are blessed by her ministry.”

“Please let us worship God, let us celebrate God and let Jesus be at the centre of it all.” she added.

This is the first time Alaseyori will comment on the saga.

What did Tope Alabi say?

The gospel artiste criticized the song at a large gathering where she was ministering.

Although it is not clear what caused her comments, in the viral short viral video, Alabi said: “With all things God is and all the things God is doing someone called him a Guarantor. God is not my Guarantor, God is more than that sir. “

” I also liked the song and as I was about to sing it, the Holy Spirit told me to shut up! This is not a matter of someone saying that the song is not good, no.

“When we collect a song from the spirit realm, there are things we still suppose do with the Holy Spirit before we release it, if not, if we sing it the way they bring it, it will just sound like rubbish.

“The Holy Spirit has given us the brain to digest, process it and bring it back to life.” Tope Alabi added.

The ‘original’ owner of the song also react

Nigerian gospel artiste, Evangelist Toluwalase Adelegan that claims to be di original owner of the song ‘Oniduro Mi’ expressed disappointment that Tope Alabi criticised the song

“The year I sang that song, I was going through a lot of tribulations. Things were so bad, even my children were facing challenges. I was frustrated and tired of life. That was when God gave me the song.

“Tope Alabi that criticized the ‘Oniduro’ song… might have smaller gods like Sango or Oya, as her ‘Oniduro’. But to me, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is my Oniduro.”

Adelegan also cleared the air about speculations saying Yinka Alaseyori is the original owner of the song.

She also said she has reported Alaseyori to some of their senior colleagues in the industry.


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