Usifo Ataga murder: Just because he went to sleep with a 21 year old woman doesn’t mean he deserved to be butchered – FFK

Nigeria’s former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has defended murdered Super TV CEO disagreeing with the ideology of some Nigerians that Usifo Ataga maybe deserved as he was killed by his 21-year-old side chic because he was cheating on his wife.

Ataga was found two weeks ago, stabbed to death in a rented Airbnb apartment in Lagos.

Subsequent investigation by the police led to the arrest of 21-year-old Chidimma Adaora Ojukwu – who claims to have been having an affair with the Super TV boss for almost four months before his death.

While speaking to reporters after her arrest, Chidimma claimed both she and Ataga were both high on drugs the day she killed him, she further claimed Ataga had raped her and became violent with her, which was why she stabbed him in self-defense.

Since the story went viral, most Nigerians have been sharing their opinions with some blaming Ataga for his own death. Others simply say this will serve as a lesson for rich men who are in the habit of sexually exploiting young girls.

Giving his own opinion in a tweet, FFK opined that just because Ataga went to a hotel to sleep with a 21 year old lady doesn’t mean he should be butchered. According to him, Ataga was killed just because he had a high libido.

See his tweet below

Nigerians react to Usifo Ataga murder

“Birds of a feather preying on young pretty girls” one Twitter user attacked FFK.

Another user was more sympathetic of Ataga in her response saying “He doesn’t deserved to die no matter what his offence was.”

Another blasted FFK saying “Yes we know FFK, yes, cos you are a champ when it comes to young women and changing them like your used boxers.”

FFK’s opinion seemed to have touched a nerve as others continued to blast the former Minister, one said: “Ok. So he is just another paedophile like you so you are rallying to support his dirty actions? Association of women abusers and those who f*ck by force by fire exploiting poverty and weakness to satisfy your libido. By their fruits you shall know them. I am by no means in support of murder by either of the sexes, don’t get me wrong but ffk get a life!”

“Ffk birds of the same feathers. Nobody deserves to be killed by their side chics. However, the man is horrible and despicable. He was destroying other people’s children while keeping his save.” Posted another.

Police say they are continuing investigations on the death of Michael Osifo Ataga, and his confessed killer, Chidimma Ojukwu remains with the police as she await her day in court.


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