Viraltrend Review 2022: Legit Or Scam?

Making money online has become a normal means of generating income all over the world.
Viraltrend. org is one legit way to start earning money online.

Viral trend is a social media marketing platform that pays you daily to do the regular things you do online with your social media accounts. These activities range from likes and comments to posting and subscribing to Youtube channels.

What Is Viral Trend?

Viral trend is an online community of social media promoters geared towards improving brand visibility. Through their combination of different digital and social media marketing practices, they bring your business to the limelight.

They offer advertisers the opportunity to create adverts or social media tasks like likes, video views, follows, on all the social media platforms.

Promoters who decide to use viralTrend get paid for each social media task they perform while the publishers earn from the number of adverts they publish and showcase on their websites.

Additionally, Viral trend has a website called Viraltrend.org where you can easily sign up to receive your tasks easily. They believe that having good awareness generates sales and increases income which is what every business wants. This is why they give you a chance to build massive Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers, optimize your business page, and increase Youtube Views and subscribers through their platform.

Also, You can decide to join viraltrend as a promoter or advertiser, It all depends on you. As a promoter, there are two levels of membership plan – the basic plan which costs 500Naira and the Premium plan which costs 2500 Naira

But before you start joining, you should know how Viraltrend.org works.

How it works

To know how Viral trend works, you have to first sign in on Viraltrend.org to create an account for yourself. You can either sign in as a social media promoter or you can sign in to advertise.

As a promoter, you will get paid daily to like, comment, share, retweet, subscribe, & follow on all Social Media platforms. In other words, you get paid to promote brands using your social media accounts.

Also, as an advertiser, you can sign up on viral trend to create adverts for your brand. Viraltrend takes up that advert and promotes it on all social media platforms while you pay for the service.

Generally, Viraltrend provides solutions to brand owners on how they can improve the visibility of their brands and get the recongnition they deserve. These solutions are through intense social media marketing and ads placed strategically to reach the target audience and convert to leads.
It can be summarized as a brand that offers the following;

  • Advert Campaigns
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand awareness
  • Advert Monetization.

Whichever of these skills you possess, you can earn money from Viral trend.

Is Viral Trend Legit Or A Scam?

This Viral trend review will not be complete if I don’t answer this question “Is ViralTrend Legit or a Scam?”

Yes. Viral trend is legit. In fact, it is as legit as the “P” in “Psychology”. It is not a Ponzi scheme neither is it one of those get-rich-quick schemes.

One of the major things that made me believe that Viraltrend is legit is that while gathering information for this Viral trend review, I observed that there are no negative reviews about this money-making platform anywhere online. This screams LEGIT!

Also, Since its inception, Viral trend has paid out over 38M Naira and has had over 70,000 processed adverts that have converted to leads.

Now you ask yourself “Why would an advertiser want to create adverts on a platform that is a scam?”

Also, they have over 100,000 members that get paid daily for just promoting brand ads on their social media account. You can even earn by sports betting or crypto trading.

Additionally, Its method of payment is very easy and straightforward. Promote brands, get engagement from the public, and receive your naira. You even get back the membership fee you paid during the sign-up and in most cases double or even triple it.

Can I Earn Money On Viral Trend?

The answer is Yes. You can earn money on Viral trend by doing the things you regularly do with your social media accounts. But first, you have to sign up on Viraltrend.org. and become an active user.

To be more specific, you can earn money on Viral Trend for doing the following:

  • Following clients’ social media pages and profiles.
  • Liking clients pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  • Commenting on either posts or pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  • Subscribing to clients Youtube channel
  • Viewing pages and posts on Instagram
  • Retweeting clients’ posts on Twitter.

On completion of either of these tasks at the end of the day, you receive your pay. You can make much money on Viraltrend depending on how active you are on the site and how many tasks you complete. Viraltrend pays as much as N10 per follow.

You can also earn from referrals on Viraltrend. When you refer a friend, you will earn 1,250 Naira if you are a premium member and 250 Naira if you are a basic member. That is not all, you will earn an additional 10% of what your direct referrals earn when they also get their referrals.

How Much Can I Earn On Viral Trend?

You can earn anywhere between 3 to 10 naira per follow, like, and comment on either Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also earn between 10 to 15naira for subscribing and watching videos on YouTube. Generally, the minimum payout on Viral trend is 2500 naira.

But if you still doubt it, you can see what users of Viral trend are saying online.

How To Join Viral Trend?

If you would like to join Viral Trend, you can do so in these simple steps

  • Go to viraltrend.org and create an account for yourself
  • Choose an account type. You can either sign up as an advertiser to launch campaign adverts for your business or you can sign up as a promoter to earn money.
  • An email verification will be sent to the mail you used in registering.
  • Upon verification of email, go back to viraltrend.org to activate your account
  • Once your account has been set up, link all your social media accounts ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) to your viraltrend.org account to help you easily complete your tasks online.

Click the button below to go to viraltrend.org and get started.


Final Thought…Is Viral Trend Worth It?

Absolutely. Viral Trend is worth it for anyone who wishes to make money online through a legit means. Normally you like, comment, retweet and watch Youtube videos with your social media accounts. How about you monetize it?


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