You are not ‘white women’ – Pete Edochie advises women against leaving their cheating husbands

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has urged Nigerian women not to leave their marriages on the grounds of infidelity.

The veteran actor stated that women in this part of the world who abandon their homes due to their husband’s sexual promiscuity are only copying the ways of women in western worlds.

He made the statement in an interview shared via his official Instagram page.

According to him, going through multiple divorce and marriages doesn’t play out well for Nigerian women.

Citing King Solomon who had 300 wives and 700 concubines, the 74-year-old told women with philandering husbands to remain in their marriages.

He said in part;

“If you think the husband is leaving the house to go and have an affair outside, put a packet of condom in his pocket.

Psychologically, he’s gonna think, ‘this woman has my interest at her’. If it is his intention to stray, he’ll pull himself together.”

Pete Edochie is famous for his use of wise sayings and African proverbs to communicate his messages in movies, and some are wondering if there is some deeper meanings behind these advice he gave on Mother’s day.

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