ABEG APP REVIEW Nigerian payment app similar to CashApp and PayPal

Abeg app is a Nigerian Fintech which allows users to make peer-to-peer (P2P) cash payments. The app designers have a vision of a payment platform which resembles CashApp or PayPal, both of which are not available to Nigerians.

Abeg app might have a funny sounding name, but the app is actually quite impressive with a clean design, simple and user-friendly interface. The app allows users to send and request money from other users via their user handles. Instead of bank account numbers and bank details, all a user needs to send money or make payments with this app is the recipient’s social handle.

Social payment app, Abeg was founded in 2018 by co-founders Dare Adekoya, Michael Okoh, and Muheez Akanni. The app was first uploaded unto Google Play store in mid 2020.

How to install and signup on the Abeg app

  1. Get started by heading over to Google play store or IOS app store to download the Abeg app
  2. Click the app open and tap on the “Create an account” button.
  3. You will be required to register with your full name, your mobile phone number, a valid email address, and a hard-to-guess password you will be using to sign in to your Abeg account.
  4. Enter the one time password OTP sent to your mobile number
  5. You will be required to verify your bank verification number BVN, another OTP will be sent to the registered number attached to your BVN
  6. You will be required to create a four digit Abeg PIN, and your registration is complete.

Abeg app features

Most of the features of this app are still in development, but this most exciting features of Abeg app are its ability to send and request money from other users.

Here is a summary of available and upcoming (still in development) features you can expect to see on the app:

Request money: if you have an uncle or a friend that is already on the Abeg app, then you’re in luck. You can simply poke them and request for any amount of money using their Abegtag. The Abegtag is a unique handle of each user, similar to Twitter handles.
Send money: This feature works the same way banks send money to your account, anyone who has your Abegtag can send you money on the app likewise you can send to others.
Giveaways: this is a particularly exciting features for most people, everyone likes free giveaways and you can get them from the people you follow on this app
Social media-like timeline: though this is still in development, Abeg app will feature news feeds similar to the one on Twitter where you can see post and activities of other Abeg app users you have followed.
Loan: Everybody is in need of urgent/emergency money nowadays that sometimes, the only available option is to borrow a loan. So, instead of you borrowing a loan from the likes of (LAPO) and others, you can just open up your Abeg app and request for a loan within a few minutes.

Abeg app customer support centers

Email address – [email protected]
Instagram account –
Twitter account –

Why can’t I request money from people using their Abeg tag?
Please note that you can only request money from people on your contact list or you are following them on the Abeg app.
Is the Abeg app available for use in other countries?
No, currently, the Abeg app can only be used in Nigeria.
Is there a transaction limit when sending or receiving money?
The maximum amount of money you can transfer or send out at once is N1,000,000.
How can you become verified on the Abeg app?
Before you can become verified, you will need to have done a giveaway of N250,000.
How you can send money anonymously?
If you want to send money anonymously to someone, just long-press the send button.
What if you forgot your password or Abeg authorization pin?
Just contact their customer support email or official social media profile to get help.

Who owns Abeg app?
Abeg App was founded in 2018 by co-founders Dare Adekoya, Muheez Akanni and Michael Okoh. Dare Adekoya currently serves as the CEO of the company.

Does Abeg App has a website?
Abeg is an app and all its functions is carried out via the mobile app. But you can visit the website to learn more.

Is Abeg App legit?
Yes, Abeg App is legit. The App has more than 10,000 downloads on the Google Play store and it is verified on the Play store.

Abeg App is still up and coming with alot of exciting features. In the future this app will be a force to reckon with in Nigeria’s emerging Fintech industry.


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