Bobrisky to Undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju also known as Bobrisky, has revealed that she is set to undergo a sex reassignment surgery to become a woman.

Bobrisky made this known in a post to her 3.6 million Instagram followers yesterday, the popular male barbie disclosed that a certain Doctor Philip from Colombia would be performing the surgery on her at an estimated cost of $300,000.

Sharing a before and after photo collage of a man who transformed into a woman, Bobrisky wrote, “If she didn’t die during her gender change, trust me I won’t die. God forbid if I did no problem, I’m happy I did what makes me happy. Period !!!!!.

“Have always loved to be a woman from birth. Now that I have plenty money 💴, let my wish come to pass. Colombia here I come. Doctor Philip is about to give some wet pu***y.”

Living as a cross-dresser in Nigeria’s conservative society is complicated. Homosexuality is punishable by 14 years imprisonment under the Nigerian Constitution.

Bobrisky is often criticized for his lifestyle choices by most Nigerians and the press who see him as being corrosive to the moral fabric of the society.

In 2017, she got the attention of the Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture, NCAC, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, who has threatened to come after her and her likes. Runsewe described her as a disgrace to the nation. “Bobrisky is a national disgrace. He started by selling and using bleaching creams, now, he has grown boobs, bums and hips.

‘If a Bobrisky is doing well with his immoral lifestyle, how do you convince Nigerian youths to do the right thing? Bobrisky has the right, but not within the Nigerian environment. “There are others like him, but they live outside the country. If we don’t address Bobrisky as early as possible, he will form a team that will spread like wildfire,” Runsewe thundered.

How male to female sex reassignment surgery works

According to Cosmopolitan, sex reassignment is a series of procedures designed to make a person feel more comfortable in their own skin and in their gender. These procedures include genital surgeries, facial feminization surgeries, breast implants, and more.

Converting male anatomy to female anatomy requires removing the penis, reshaping genital tissue to appear more female, and constructing a vagina.

An incision is made into the scrotum, and the flap of skin is pulled back. The testes are removed.

A shorter urethra is cut. The penis is removed, and the excess skin is used to create the labia and vagina.

Between 100 to 500 gender-reassignment procedures are conducted in the United States each year according to the US department of health.

The Nigerian society might not be ready to accept the LGBTQ community, but Bobrisky seems determined to press forward in her search for a gender identity she is comfortable in. Her Instagram bio describes her as Entertainer & Social Media Star Brand Influencer and Actor.

Bobrisky will be the first publicly transgender person in Africa if the surgery went on as planned.

One Comment

  1. She’s a transgender woman presenting herself as a woman, there’s no cross-dressing at all.
    A cross-dresser person is someone that presents themselves in a way that usually is seen as being from a different gender from their gender identity which is not the case here.
    No hate here, just educating after all we can all learn with eachother, that’s how we evolve as persons.
    Be safe and have a nice day 🙂

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