CashBox Nigeria App Review

Back in the day, if you are a regular earner that wants to save for a rainy day, all you have to do is engage the services of daily thrift collectors. But society has changed, there are hardly any daily thrift collectors around and even if there are it is hard to come by trustworthy people these days. In this CashBox Nigeria review, we look at a Fintech company that is here to encourage saving culture and effectively replace daily thrift collectors with modern technology.

What is CashBox Nigeria?

CashBox is a mobile app that helps everyone “Make saving a habit”. Just think of it as a regular daily thrift savings from back in the day, but instead of waiting for the collector to come around and tick your card for the day, you can save and curb your excessive spending all on a seamless and easy-to-use interface.

The app is all about financial discipline and the believe that little drops will one day make a mighty ocean.

How do I use CashBox?

Create a profile

  1. Download the CashBoxNG mobile app from your Google Play Store and create a free profile with your full name, email and phone number. Choose any saving plans and securely start saving. Users can save as low as ₦100 or as high as whatever limit user chooses to save.
  2. Select a savings plan

    Securely add your ATM/Bank card to your profile and CashBox will automatically debit your bank account either daily, weekly or monthly for your set savings amount as created by you, and will save this into your CashBox savings plan. Users earn up to 15% interest p.a depending on chosen plan and savings balance.

  3. Withdraw your money periodically

    CashBox is all about encouraging a healthy savings habit. They encourage users to save as long as possible and resist the urge to withdraw except when extremely necessary. Some plans do not allow withdrawal until maturity (Target, Vault, Cliques). Other plans allow users to withdraw any one time and also on free withdrawal days (Mar 1st, June 1st, Sept 1st and Dec 1st).

CashBox interest rates

When you save for the future, you naturally expect your savings to accrue some interest to encourage you to save more. Here are the different savings plans on CashBox and how much you can expect to receive as interest:

  1. Target

    This plan lets you save consistently (daily/weekly/monthly) towards a set goal while earning up to 10% p.a on your savings. Withdrawal is done on plan maturity.
    Recommended for disciplined savings towards a goal (education, rent, vacation etc).

  2. Regular

    Auto save regularly (daily/weekly/monthly) and also earn up to 10% p.a. on savings. Withdrawal is easily done once and also on our free withdrawal days which is once in a quarter, limiting the maximum number of withdrawals to twice in a quarter.

  3. Vault

    This plan is a personalized fixed deposit account that earns 10-15% p.a depending on chosen tenor. Savers can lock funds for a period of 90 days or more, and earn interest upfront immediately. Withdrawal is made upon plan maturity.

  4. Cliques

    Save in bits with family, friends and colleagues to achieve a set goal. Earn up to 10% p.a on savings. Though savings is done together, no one has access to your funds but you alone. This works like a traditional cooperative system, but a lot more fun, secured and motivates everyone to have a savings culture.

Is CashBox legit?

Yes, CashBoxNG is not a scam, the app is owned by Cashbox Global Services Limited with registration number (RC1529133). Their office address is at G18 Millenium Estate, Oniru, Victoria Island 101242, Lagos.


What is CashBox interest rate?

You earn up to 10% interest p.a on (Target, Regular, Swift, Cliques) and up to 15% interest p.a on (Vault). Interest is accrued daily into (Target, Regular, Swift, Cliques). For (Vault), interest is earned upfront.

how safe is CashBox?

CashBox was built using Bank Grade security features. Your personal and card details are safe as all payments are handled through Flutterwave and Paystack which operates one of the best payment technology in the world which top companies like Uber,, MTN, Bolt, Nairabet and many more use.

can i withdraw my money at any time? 

CashBox is a savings platform that encourages financial discipline, so they encourage users to save money as long as possible while earning high interest on it and only withdraw when extremely necessary. Some plans do not allow withdrawal until maturity (Target, Vault, Cliques). Other plans allow users to withdraw any one time at a 5% penal charge and also on free withdrawal days set by the user at no charge, making it a maximum of two times in a quarter.


If you are a daily earner, say you have a shop or you have a regular source of income, then this app is a perfect fit for you. CashBox will help you save and control your spending habit at the same time give you lots of interests on your money.


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