Kashcash loan app: A comprehensive review


Kashcash loan app: A comprehensive review - AFRICA EXPLAINED

Kashcash loan app is an innovative and convenient online loan app in Nigeria. YES! WE KNOW! Calm down to read this comprehensive review about KashCash so that you won't later enter WAHALA! (problem)

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Kashcash loan app is an innovative and convenient online loan app in Nigeria.


Calm down to read this comprehensive review about KashCash so that you won’t later enter WAHALA! (problem)

They offer quick and hassle-free access to short-term unsecured personal loans of up to NGN100,000.

With competitive interest rates starting from as low as 4% per day (equivalent to 24% to 56% per month), Kashcash ensures affordability and flexibility for its borrowers.

Whether you need financial assistance for unexpected expenses, medical bills, or other urgent needs, Kashcash is here to help.

Furthermore, the repayment tenure provided by Kashcash ranges from 7 days to 30 days, allowing borrowers to choose a suitable timeframe that aligns with their financial capabilities.

This flexibility ensures that borrowers can comfortably repay their loans without undue stress.

The application process is simple and user-friendly. Through the Kashcash mobile app, you can easily apply for a loan and receive the funds within minutes.

This streamlined digitized process eliminates the need for lengthy paperwork and reduces the waiting time associated with traditional loan applications.

Kashcash is committed to providing efficient and reliable financial solutions to individuals across Nigeria. With its transparent and customer-centric approach, Kashcash aims to empower individuals with access to quick and convenient loans to meet their immediate financial needs.

Experience the ease and convenience of Kashcash loan app today!

Kashcash loan app is an innovative and convenient online loan app in Nigeria. YES! WE KNOW! Calm down to read this comprehensive review about KashCash so that you won't later enter WAHALA! (problem)

Kashcash details

Loan amountNGN10,000 to NGN100,000
Loan tenure7–60 days max.
Interest rate24% to 56% per month
Credit historyNot required
Customer care number[email protected] or 018883539.

How to Apply for Kashcash Loan?

You can download the Kashcash loan app from Google Play Store. You will have to register to create an account and login to kashcash to check the eligibility to apply for the loan. You will be required to provide some basic details as given below:

  • Name and address
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Employment status
  • Monthly income
  • City of location
  • Any other information, as required in the loan application, has to be provided.
  • The details of the bank account have to be provided to disburse the loan amount.
  • Before the disbursement, you will also be required to agree to the terms and conditions of Kashcash on the Mobile App.
  • The loan application will be processed, and on approval and affixing e-signature on the loan document through the App, the amount will be credited directly to your bank account.

Kashcash Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

The following are the Kashcash personal loan eligibility criteria:

  • Easily available personal loan for salaried or self-employed
  • A regular source of income is mandatory.
  • The applicant should be in the age group of  18 to 56 years.
  • The applicant should be a resident Nigerian.
  • The applicant should have a valid BVN and Address Proof.

What other borrowers are saying about Kashcash loan app

This is a scam app, their loan 100% interest rate. Just to click on it to see loan options. i got an alert, with 100% interest rate. I have paid the money i they paid into my account. I’m not paying any interest, they’re scammers.

Ray Lawson

This app belongs to scammers. If you make the mistake of downloading and installing the app, as soon as you complete registration and attach your credit card, they will offer you a loan instantly. It is a bait. Even when you did not want the loan, they will send to your bank account without your consent . Only for you to discover that what they sent is half the loan they approve. After paying them 31,000 for a loan of 19,000, they deducted 15,000 from my card. They don’t pick their number.

Jibril Musa

I have tried every possible means to reach out to the management of this app, all to no avail. Take this as official compliant, since you will neither pick or respond to my message to you support email. I was on the process of registering for loan before you quickly and automatically subscribe a loan of ₦7,000 for me, transferred ₦4550 to my account and requested that I pay back ₦7,330+, where does that happen. This is fraudulent. Get back as soon as possible.

Ikechukwu Splash Osuchukwu 

Is Kashcash loan app Legit?

Kashcash loan app is legit in that it gives people loans. Loan apps in Nigeria provide short term loans at extortionate interest rates. Do not take an online loan to fund your lifestyle, they should only be used for emergencies.

Kashcash is not registered or regulated by the CBN, you are responsible for your own safety when you use this app to get a loan.

Kashcash Customer Care 

Service Email: [email protected] or call 018883539
Office Address: 36, Yaya Abatan Rd, Ogba 101232, Ikeja, Lagos


So, now the ball is in your court.

Let me know what you think about the Kashcash loan app.

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