Scam Loan Apps

Chymall Investment Trading: Facebook Money Doubling Scheme

If you found this, then you’ve probably been scammed or is about to get scammed by a money doubling scheme…

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BEWARE: Phoenix Credit, Speedy loan and Swift Loan are a scam

Phoenix Credit, Speedy loan, and Swift Loan are all scam operations under one fintech going by the name Orange valley…

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BEWARE: LendMeNow loan advertising on Instagram is a scam

There’s a new lending platform advertising its services on Instagram. LendMeNow is an ATM card phishing scam that should be…

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How to stop borrowing from loan apps

Borrowing from one loan shark to pay another is the new addiction of most Nigerians. Due to the harsh economic…

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CashClub Loan App Review: This app is not legit

There is a proliferation of scam loan apps that target unsuspecting borrowers on Google play store. These apps take advantage…

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CashLoan App Review: This app is a scam

With the economic situation in Nigeria, most people are turning to loan apps to meet their immediate financial needs. And…

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