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Chymall Investment Trading: Facebook Money Doubling Scheme

If you found this, then you’ve probably been scammed or is about to get scammed by a money doubling scheme advertising on Facebook as Chymall Investment Trading platform.

I was also scrolling through my Facebook feed when this advert from a Channels TV clone page caught my eye. It was an advert about a money doubling scheme where you ‘invest’ your money and within two hours get double your investments after a trade. The advert also has all these positive comments and bank alert screenshots from people who have supposedly benefited from the scheme and are encouraging others to invest quickly and not doubt its authenticity.

The whole thing was a ridiculous and cheap scam till I decided to chat up the admin and realize others might actually be falling for such a cheap scam.

Money Doubling Schemes are ridiculous that you will think that no one should still be falling for such scams in Nigeria. But this scammers are paying for Facebook adverts and are going through the trouble of setting up fake bank accounts – which is not easy to do, they must be getting victims.


Under the scammer’s Facebook ads, they have all these positive comments from innocent people’s Facebook profiles that they’ve cloned or stolen. The purpose of the positive comments is to convince unsuspecting victims that the scheme might be legit.

They also run the advert on a page with Channels TV logo to make it seem as if they are affiliated with a popular brand.

The advert link will take you to the scammer’s WhatsApp business account where they already have this prewritten note for each potential victim.
Check this messages below, if you got something similar even from a different platform, then you are a potential victim of scam and you should run away.

These cheap scammers will even design a receipt with the information you gave them.

It’s a platform that gives you double of your initial pledged investment within 2hours Trading and you can only invest once in a month

It’s a worldwide government program to help citizens and it’s working worldwide

I have registered 120 people today and they have all received their payments

Is very real and secure it won’t take more than 2hours for you to be credited

!!100% legit!!
!!No referral!!
No one has ever invested with us and regret it, so anybody that want to invest with us now won’t be exempted.

First you select the package you want to start with and you will be registered, after your registration, an account will be sent to you to make your payment into then within 2 hours of your investment trading your Account will be credited with double of the amount you invested


🔰Standard Package: N20,000 (N40,000)
🔰Premium Package: N30,000 (N60,000)
🔰 Silver Package: N40,000 (N80,000)
🔰Platinum Package: N50,000 (N100,000)
🔰Gold Package: N100,000 (N200,000)
🔰Topaz Package: N200,000 (N400,000)
🔰Diamond Package: N300,000 (N600,000)
🔰Ruby Package: N500,000 (N1,000,000)

How Much Do You Want To Invest So I Can Get You Registered Immediately👆👆



ACCT NUMBER: 9160147605


This is how their sponsored ad looks like on Facebook.

The only reason an investment sounds way too good to be true, is because it is way too good to be true. Double your investments or 100% in 2 hours? That is a cheap scam that if you put your money in such a scheme, you deserve to get scammed.

There are other legit investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can put your money into, legit investments don’t offer 100% profit in two hours. Infact, only scammers will guarantee you a return on any investment, because in the real world, there is always a risk in making money and making legit money takes time.

Why does Facebook allow such scammers to advertise on their platform?

While you may use Facebook for free, upload your pictures and chat with friends, the company is actually a big marketing business. Facebook makes its money from running ads worldwide.

The company AI to process adverts without much human interaction. As long as you are paying. Anyone can advertise anything on Facebook and it might be a while before that thing is removed even if it is not authentic.

So, coming across an advert on Facebook does not mean that the company has verified the advertisers and confirmed that they are not scammers. These scammers know that most people kinda trust the adverts they see on big platforms like Facebook, that’s why they are spending a little out of their loot to advertise their.


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