Father of South Africa decuplets admits that no proof the 10 babies exist

The family of a South African man whose girlfriend allegedly gave birth to decuplet says they no longer believe that the man’s girlfriend gave birth to 10 children.

“We appreciate the public interests and support for the decuplets, and with no proof of their existence we firmly believe it’s in the interests of everyone to conclude that they do not exist, until proven otherwise, the family said in a statement seen by News24.

Last week, South African publication the Pretoria News published a story claiming that a mother from Pretoria had broken a world record, having given birth to 10 children.

However, there have been doubts over the legitimacy of the story since it broke.

Government departments, hospitals and social workers have all refuted the story in the past week. A story in the BBC identified Gosiame Sithole as Tebogo Tsotetsi’s wife, but a woman claiming to be his legally wedded wife has since spoken out about those claims.

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Tebogo Tsotetsi, the family’s statement said, on Tuesday that he met with members of his family to inform them of the latest in the ongoing saga.

The statement read: “He (Tsotestsi) made several attempts to visit his girlfriend and the babies but she has failed to disclose her whereabouts and the condition of their babies.

“The current uncertainties and public discourse about the decuplets is of major concern to the family, especially in the absence of any proof of the decuplets existence other than telephonic and WhatsApp messages from the mother.

“The family has resolved and concluded that there are no decuplets born between Tebogo Tsotetsi and Gosiame Sithole, until proven otherwise and wishes to apologise for any inconvenience and embarrassment.”

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