Putin and Biden Summit: Five issues the Russian and American leaders discussed in Switzerland

Russian President Vladmir Putin has hailed his counterpart American President Joe Biden at their summit in Geneva, Switzerland describing him as “well-balanced.”

This came after they discussed for almost four hours on topics ranging from nuclear arms control to America accusing Russia of cyber attacks.

They later released a joint statement saying Russian-American cooperation will help reduce the threat of a nuclear war.

5 issues discussed at the meeting

Russian-American cooperation

At the meeting, both countries agreed to return ambassadors to their respective embassies.

This is as Biden had earlier stated at the conference that their meeting and agreement is not about trust but mutual interest.

Both countries recalled their ambassadors earlier this year as relation fell apart, however Russia has announced that their ambassador, Anatoly Antonov will go back to America in July.

However, neither president invited the other to visit their country.

Cyber Security

Recently, America suffered two cyber attacks that were blamed on Russian hackers.

But at this summit, Biden said they have agreed to set up a working group that will set up agreements on cyber space relations.

Biden also said America has identified 16 cyber infrastructures that is part of thier touch not infrastructure and said Russia has agreed in principle.

‘Biden is different from Trump’

President Putin said at his own press conference that Biden is different from Donald Trump describing the American president as a “seasoned elder statesman”.

This is one of the few praises the Russian Head of state gave Biden at the meeting.

Russia as accused of interfering in the American 2016 general elections, to which both Putin and Trump deny.

Alexei Nalvany

Putin dismissed America’s worry over Alexei Nalvany who was recently on a 24 day hunger strike.

He said Nalvany ignored the law knowing he will be imprisoned when he entered back Russia after receiving treatment in a German hospital.

Nalvany accused Putin that he ordered he be poisoned with a nerve agent but Putin deny the accusations.

Human Rights

Putin said he doesn’t want an uprising like the US Capitol riots or the Black Lives Matter protests to enter his country.

But Mr Biden shunned Putin’s comments about Black Lives Matter saying they are ‘ridiculous’ as he reiterate human rights will “always be on the table”.


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