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As gift cards are becoming popular in Nigeria, so are the markets to exchange them and turn them into actual cash. If you are wondering what they are? gift cards are a prepaid debit card that contains a specific amount of money available for use for a variety of purchases. This is why Glover App, the new app from Patricia technologies has positioned itself as the go-to place for buying and selling of gift cards in Nigeria.

Glover App is exclusively available as a mobile app with much of its operations done via the App

what is Glover App?

The Glover App by Patricia is a market place that deals majorly in the buying and selling of gift cards.

The new app was launched in 2021 and new users can use their login details on Patricia app to login to Glover app.

Patricia App is a market place for buying and selling crypto currencies.

Besides trading gift cards, Glover app also allows users to to pay utility bills, top up airtime and convert airtime to cash

Is Glover App and Patricia the same?

Glover app is different from Patricia. Glover App is a majorly gift card trading market place while Patricia is a market place for trading crypto-currencies. Though, both apps are owned by the same parent company – Patricia Technologies, existing users on Patricia can use their login details to login to Glover app.

Is Glover app legit?

Yes, Glover App is legit. The app is designed and owned by Patricia Technologies located at No. 2A Swisstrade Drive, Ikota-Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. Patricia Technologies are also one of the sponsors of this year’s Big Brother Naija TV show, the sponsorship is reported to cost them up to N1 billion.

How To Download Glover App

The app is available for both Android on the Google Play Store and on Apple store for ios. You can click either links to download it on play store and app store.



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  1. Thank you admin for this article, I have been trying to download this from my google play store but I could not find the app there. Could this be the reason?

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