Helping Hands International Nigeria investment platform: Scam or legit?

Helping Hands International is the name used by several charity organizations around the world and now adopted by a Nigerian multi Level marketing (MLM) program. This review is focused on the MLM program which is known as Helping Hands investment platform.

Since the popularity and eventual collapse of MMM in 2015, Nigeria has become a perfect country for Ponzi Schemes. Many people have tried to create a similar program tho not as successful or popular. One of these programs is Helping Hands International.

What is Helping Hands Nigeria investment platform?

According to the information from the program’s coordinators, Helping Hands Nigeria is an “empowerment-based-membership program.” It is marketed on Facebook and other social media sites as a platform where new member are encouraged to invest any amount of money and get double their “investment” paid to their bank accounts in 45 minutes!!

Screenshot from members who claimed to receive double their investment.

Helping Hands International investment platform: how it works?

Helping Hands is a Ponzi scheme like MMM and you should be careful putting your money in it.

However, If you still want to join Helping Hands Nigeria, you can join under a referee who you will be under. After that, you would be required to register your account with only $40 (about 20,000 Naira) to join the organization and be able to register others under you as well.

After you registered your account – you may enjoy things, like:
Business Loan
Free educational fund for your children
Residential income
Paid trips
Free House
New Car
Skill trading
Property support

However, you should understand that if you pay $40 (N20k), you may still not be qualified to enjoy the above-mentioned things. Registration does not mean access to get the full free package. If you want to have all above mentioned – you need to find more people who would pay more money into the system. It`s a classical Pyramid Scheme or MLM. If you are on top of this pyramid – you get money. If you are somewhere at the basis, then you might get nothing.

Is Helping Hands International legit or Scam?

Well Helping Hands investment platform is a Ponzi MLM scheme. No products is bought or sold, the whole system relies on your ability to register other paying members into the system. Ponzi schemes might hold up for a while but they eventually always crash and people do loose their money!

What is Helping Hands International Compensation Plan

This is a pyramid system. It means just registering with $40 (20k Naira) is just the beginning, you have to register others as well and encourage them to pay into the system. If you want to get some money from the Helping Hands International Compensation, then you need to grow through stages.

1 Stage. Associate
At the very first stage, you just need to make sure that you invest $40 ( N20,000) into the Helping Hands Nigeria. After that, you will be provided with your personal account and referral or direct link to the project. After that, you need to start introducing other people to the Helping Hands International Nigeria. Every person whom you invite to the system will provide you 20% of the sum of the investment. It means that if they invest $40 – you get $8 (N4000) If you want to become an associate, you need to create a matrix, where two people you brought also provided two other people. If you invite six persons – you get 6*8 = $48 plus $10 for building the matrix. If you get two persons, then you get $26.

What is the point of the system on this stage? If you manage to build a pyramid 124, you get $58, your two associates on the lower level gets $28 each, and four other persons get nothing. Therefore, if youve managed to become the Associate youve also managed to bring to the Helping Hands Nigeria $280, and it must return only $110 ($58 to you and $52 to two people of your matrix on the lower level). It means that they get 170$ tax free money just from you. Is not it wonderful?

Stage 2. Master
In this stage, you become a master if six members of your matrix level up to the Associate stage. It means to collect at least $26 from getting two people into the Helping Hands Nigeria. Therefore, you need to build a simple matrix of your associates 2*5. There you get $1000 as your matrix bonus. Also, you can also have a free laptop. You can also earn extra 10% every time your direct referral completes a stage. It`s called Matching Bonus.

Stage 3. Super master
When people in your 2*5 become masters, you will receive $1500 and another $1500 bonus if your matrix will fill in. Your direct uplink will provide you with $150 Matching Bonus. You can also get a brand new Hyundai ix10 from the Helping Hands International.

Stage 4. Minister
When people from your matrix become Super Master, you will receive $2000 from the 1-5 level of the matrix. You can also get additional $4000 if your matrix is completed. The price of your referral uplink is $300 now. You can also get a new car (if you stay the Minister for three weeks in a row). You can also ask for $12000 free interest loan.

Stage 5 Prime Minister
If your first six members of the 2*2 matrix join you Minister stage, you will get $12000 paid in two levels. You would get additional $1000 if your Matrix filled up. You can also enjoy housing funds, international trips, educational funds from the Helping Hand International.


Be very careful while putting your money into Helping Hands Nigeria. MLM pyramid schemes always crash when there are no new members paying money into the system.
H2I is using the same name as several non-profit charity organizations from around the world, but helping hands investment platform is just that, a Ponzi MLM pyramid scheme.


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