Landpay Review: Real Estate Investment Made Easy

In the days of our forefathers, wealth was measured by the amount of land an individual possessed. During this era, people who fit this description were seen as being land rich and held in high regard.

A royal or “village rich man” will go ahead to acquire or purchase more lands whenever he feels the need to increase his net worth. Everyone aspired to own land or properties and those who couldn’t wish they had the means as these were believed to be the most tangible asset there is.

This demonstrates the significance of owning land at the time, which is also evident in the present day; land and properties are still regarded as valuable assets to own and pass down to future generations.

Over time, this ownership of land and property has evolved into “real estate”. In fact, the real estate we are buying now was originally an investment made by some of our ancestors back in those days.

What is an investment? – Investopedia defines an investment as the process of putting capital to use today in order to increase its value over time and gain profit.

Since humans are the most complex social animals, it goes without saying that we rarely come to a consensus on anything. But there is one thing about which everyone can agree: anything involving land or property (real estate) appreciates from the minute it’s being purchased.

Real estate has proven to be one of the most stable investments ever. A piece of land or property that costs 350,000 naira in 2020 cannot be the same price in the following year. It would have increased by at least 10%. Real estate has also been ranked as one of the safest and most lucrative investments. It is still the best investment you can make today, according to the Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC).

Gone are the days when you needed a huge sum of money or a large deposit to become a real estate investor or lay claim to a property. With as little as 20,000 naira, you can now own a stake in real estate with Landpay. Landpay allows you to own properties with fellow investors i.e. landlords just like you. Landpay empowers every interested individual to own a share in the real estate market regardless of what they earn. The Landpay app allows users who are investors to earn interest on real estate from 20% to 30% in returns. In addition to these, you can also save to achieve your property goals on Landpay; that is save for your house rent, and office rent, among other things, while also earning interest on such savings.

On Landpay, you also have access to several real estates opportunities such as pre-vetted real estate and other real estate hot deals while you get to watch your funds grow.

You can decide not to be one of those who wished they could have invested in real estate but could not for one reason or the other. Take advantage of this opportunity to invest now in something tangible without going beyond your means.

Download the LandPay App on Google or Apple Play Store and start your real estate journey. Visit and check out our easy and affordable ways to invest in real estate. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @mylandpay for more information.


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