OmegaPro Investment Review

OmegaPro is an online trading platform that claims to trade Forex on your behalf and pays you  0.405 percent of your investment daily, which amounts to 10–11 percent every month.

The platform was founded in 2019, and so far claims to have over 3 million investors across 5 continents. The founder is Dilawar Singh, an Indian Forex trader and cryptocurrency enthusiast. The company address is given as P.O Box 1510, Beachmont Kingstown, St. Vincent And The Grenadines.

Basically, Omegapro markets itself as a platform that takes the stress off you and helps you minimize your loss. So instead of trading Forex yourself, the Company through its broker trades for you and gives you 0.405 percent of your money daily which amounts to 10–11 percent every month. The investment period is 16 months and you can withdraw your Returns whenever you like provided it gets to a sizeable amount of money, you have no restrictions whatsoever.

Now if all these sounds way too good to be true, that is because it is way too good to be true.

Is OmegaPro investment a scam?

OmegaPro investment is a Ponzi. To understand this, you have to understand how the platform is structured to make money.

OmegaPro offers investors a promise of making up to 10% returns on their investments from trading in the highly volatile Forex market. Though the platform claims that it uses AI to trade the Forex market, still making 10% monthly profit for millions of people is just way too good to be true.

Secondly, the platform operates a referral system where existing members get as much as 7% of the investment of every new member they register on the platform. Members are encouraged to ‘build the business’, this is most likely how you heard about the platform, from existing members who need you to register and invest so they can get 7% of your investment as referral bonus.

Between offering a too good to be true ROI and operating a multilevel marketing MLM, where the higher you invest the more money your sponsor stands to make, it can be concluded that OmegaPro investment is a high risk Ponzi.


How much is the minimum investment on OmegaPro

The investment packages on OmegaPro are priced between $100-$50k with a corresponding amount of daily earnings based on your investment.

who is the founder/CEO of Omegapro?

OmegaPro was founded in 2019 by Dilawar Singh, an Indian Forex trader and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

How do I register and join OmegaPro?

To join OmegaPro you need the referral link of an existing member. The member will get 7% of your initial deposit and you will become one of their downliners. Some members offer to register new members directly as only cryptocurrency is accepted on the platform.

Is OmegaPro legit?

OmegaPro is most likely an MLM Ponzi scheme. The ROI is too good to be true, members get rewarded for inviting new members and the platform only accepts cryptocurrencies. Not to mention that the company is only registered in St. Vincent And The Grenadines, all these are signs of a classic Ponzi scheme.

How does OmegaPro works?

OmegaPro works by paying you 10-11% of your investments monthly after using your money to trade Forex. It also has an affiliate marketing system that pays existing members up to 7% of the investments of each new member they register under them.

How much is OmegaPro package prices?

OMEGAPRO PACKAGE PRICES REVIEW (Effective from 28th July 2022)
Start up trader ($149) – ₦111,750
Basic trader ($549) – ₦411,750
Light trader ($1,049) – 786,750
Pro trader ($3,049) – ₦2,286,750
Advance Trader ($5,049) – ₦3,786750
Tycoon Trader ($8,049) ₦6,037,750
Premium Trader ($10,049) ₦7,536,750
Master Trader ($15,049) ₦11,286,750
Elite Trader ($25,049) ₦18,786,750
VIP Trader ($50,049) ₦37,536,750


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