N9 Football Review: Reverse Betting Website

N9 football or is a newly launched reverse betting website that promises over 96% win probability by allowing you bet on the inverse final score.

Here’s how it works, a punter might be asked to bet against the final score of a game between Arsenal and Spurs to end at 0-0. The punter wins if the game ends at any score other than 0-0, thereby giving the punter more than a 96% win probability.

Furthermore, the website also gives you Cashbacks on lost bets, and operates a generous affiliate marketing and referral program that rewards players for bringing new players onto the platform.

If all these sound way too good to be true, that is because it is way too good to be true. Reverse betting is not a sustainable business for the website owners, 96% win probability by punters is not a sustainable business plan that can keep a betting company in business.

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Other reverse betting platforms like 86fb football have already crashed within a few months, taking millions of customers’ money with it.

These platforms might appear to pay their early customers for a while, but they will eventually crash and other customers will not be able to withdraw their deposits.

Frequently asked questions

What is Football?

N9 football is a new reverse betting website that pays you to predict the final score a football match will not end. Punters on the website have over 96% win probability.

How is withdrawal?

You can withdraw on the platform using either USDT or bank card. There is a withdrawal fee on every withdrawal, so make sure you have something substantial before you withdraw.

Is N9 football legit?

Generally speaking, reverse betting does not work because it is not sustainable for the betting company. Other reverse betting platforms such as 86fb, luckyfootball, Chelsea football platform, to name a few have all crashed with customer’s deposits in them. so no, N9 football is not a legit investment.


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