Rise Vest Investment App Review: Dollar investments in Nigeria

Rise Vest is a dollar investment app that allows Nigerians to save and invest directly in dollar denominated assets including US real estate, stocks, and Eurobonds. The main aim of Risevest is to help Nigerians grow their wealth in global dollar denominated assets that beats inflation.

The Nigerian naira since 1972 has lost on average, 12% of its value every year.

Furthermore, in 2018 alone, investments worth N1.89 trillion was lost in the Nigerian stock market. This is besides several companies in our stock market that simply don’t pay dividends to their investors due to poor management and poor regulation.

When you put these facts together, one can begin to see why it is important for anyone willing to secure their future to look outside the country for investment opportunities.

Risevest has taken away everything you don’t need — you can invest, save and watch your wealth grow in a stable currency that can be trusted – the United States dollar.

Once you disclosed your financial situation, risk tolerance levels and how much you want to invest, the app will take care of the details.

Here are the growing asset classes you can invest in;

You can own you personal share of global companies and receive devidends as they grow. Risevest can get you a portfolio of expertly selected US stocks based on their long-term growth opportunities and quality earnings including heavyweights like Google, Alibaba, Apple, Tesla, and many more. The Rise Index fund has delivered historical returns of 41% per annum to investors

Real Estate
This medium-risk investment plan gives you access to a portfolio of high-demand commercial real estate properties. You can invest to own actual homes in the United States and collect rent all while living in Nigeria.

Fixed Income
A low-risk asset, perfect for anyone who wants to protect their money in a secure, appreciating currency i.e. the dollar.

Is Rise Vest legit and safe?

Yes, Risevest is legit. Over 80000 people use Risevest, and it uses state-of-the-art security and encryption to help protect investor assets and personal information.

ARM Trustees Limited offers trustees services to Rise Vest Technologies Limited, and monitors the management of the investors’ funds.

Risevest is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, RC Number: 1622382 and holds users’ investments through its Cooperative License Number: 17080. Rise’s non-Nigerian investments are held through third-party partnerships with regulated entities in their respective jurisdictions.

What Risevest can improve?

One thing you’ll quickly notice on this app is the fact that to fund your wallet with naira, it charges black market rate. For example, as at the time of writing this review the rate on on Risevest is #560/1$ which is the black market rate not the official CBN rate.

Risevest customer service number

  • Phone number: 018883519
  • Block D5, Unit 4, Jacob Mews Estate3-5 Adebisi Street, Yaba Lagos, 101212, Nigeria.
  • Facebook:
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  • Instagram:
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