VTpass Review 2022: Online Payment Service Provider in Nigeria

VTpass is a payment processor service provider in Nigeria. A payment processor is an online service that checks the availability of funds in a customer’s debit card and confirms if they have sufficient balance to cover a payment.

Simply put, what VTpass does is that it keeps a catalog of different services and products from merchants, so that you as the end-user can purchase those products and services easily with a few clicks and on one platform.

With more and more businesses now operating online, and with fraudsters and scammers growing more sophisticated. You as the end-user should be skeptical of entering your ATM card information online. To this end, a service like VTpass allows you to make payments online securely. Be it buying airtime for your phone, to paying for cable TV subscription, to buying electricity units and more, you can do all these conveniently online without having to worry about entering your card information on a scam website.

Why are VTpass Services Necessary?

Nigeria, just like the rest of the world is increasingly going cashless. This means more and more payments online, in fact, most merchants no longer accept physical cash. Most merchants are reducing their physical locations to cut costs and you will need a payment processor service to make payments to them.


The most practical use of an online payment processor is its convenience. It might be hard to imagine today, but less than 20 years ago students used to line up for hours at Jamb offices nationwide just to purchase a Jamb form. Today, the same Jamb form can easily be bought online with just a convenience fee of about N100. Customers increasingly want comfort, merchants also want to cut their operating costs by moving payments online and VTpass is the bridge that connects both wants.

Speed up the process

Paying for products and services online is just a whole lot faster. You can buy electricity units with just a few clicks online without having to show up at the Nepa office.

Partner program

Besides using VTpass as an end-user to make payments, you can also become an agent of the company – to offer payment services to less technology-inclined members of your immediate community. You can help others make their payments and earn a commission for each transaction you process.

Bloggers can also partner with them to integrate the VTpass payment API on their websites, to get a commission on each payment processed.

Payment gateway vs payment processor: which is VTpass?

To fully understand what VTpass is, it is important to understand what it isn’t.

Although the terms payment gateway and payment processor are sometimes used interchangeably, they actually refer to different parts of the payments process. 

In an online transaction, the payment gateway is what authenticates the customer’s payment, whereas the payment processor is the mechanism that communicates the transaction between the customer’s bank and the merchant.

This distinction is important because, in a physical transaction, only the payment processor is needed. In a virtual transaction, however, an extra layer of authentication is necessary. 

VTpass is a payment processor, other examples of payment processors in Nigeria include, Quickteller, PayArena, Felts, Jumia Pay amongst others.

Examples of Nigerian payment gateways include Paystack, Flutterwave, Interswitch, Stripe amongst others.

Pros of VTpass

  • Provides a convenient and quick payment portal
  • Cheap and reasonable service charge of about N100 or less for each payment.
  • Partner program that allows you to make money as a VTpass agent or to integrate their payment API on your website and earn a commission on each payment received.

Cons of VTpass

  • For some reasons they are running Google AdSense adverts on their website which makes the website a bit unprofessional. This is besides all the annoying popup messages that clutters their website.
  • Poor customer service: For such an instant payment service, having a responsive customer service line is imperative but customers can wait for days on VTpass without having their payments validated.

Is VTpass safe?

VTpass is a safe and legit payment processor that charges a small service fee to help process your payment to different merchants. In case of dispute, reach out to the customer service contact number by dialing 08138752358 or by sending a mail to for a swift resolution.

VTpass Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my prepaid meter token from VTpass after payment?

If you recharge your prepaid meter online via VTpass and did not receive your token via mail or SMS, chat with them on their Live-chat platform on the website, dialling 08138752358, sending a mail to or reach them on social media for a swift resolution.

Why Did My VTpass Transaction Fail?

A transaction can fail for several reasons:

As a result of a network issue with your bank
Issuer or switch inoperative
Use of incorrect/expired OTP
An inactivated debit card

How much is the Fees For Using VTpass?

For airtime and data recharges you do not pay additional fees. But for other services, you will be charged a convenience of N100 per transaction except you are a partner.

How Long Does It Take For A Prepaid Meter Token To Expire?

Token once generated expires within the period of 90 days (3 months).

I Purchased Token Using a Wrong Meter Number, Can It Be Transferred?

No, it cannot. Token is generated and encrypted using the meter number used. This means that token once generated can only be used by the specific meter. A transfer is impossible.

Why Do I Have Debt On My Prepaid Meter?

This could arise as a result of one of the following reasons;
Your meter is a newly installed meter. The cost for the free units given is paid by customer as (debt) on customer’s first recharge of the meter.
Transfer of Previous Debt: If customer was previously using an analog meter before the installation of a Prepaid meter, or using the estimated billing (Post Paid) and there was a debt before the installation of the prepaid meter, the debt on the estimated (Postpaid) billing account is migrated to the Prepaid meter account.
The debt is a penalty for bypass or illegal connection discovered by the distribution company.
We advise you visit or call your electric distribution company for better clarity.

Why is My Meter Rejecting My Token?

This could happen as a result of the following reasons:

A network issue with your electricity distribution company. You need to hold for a while and try loading the token again much later.
The purchase was for the wrong meter number. Kindly confirm you are loading the token on the right meter.
The meter has not yet been activated- An activation code will be required from the distribution company.
There has been a change in your tariff index. (=solution not given here=). Please ensure you visit or call your Electric distribution company to resolve this.

Why Wasn’t I Reconnected Immediately After a Successful Payment on VTpass?

The following are probable reasons why you may not be able to view immediately after subscribing:

Your Decoder was not switched on at the time of payment which is a requirement for auto re-connection. Reconnection request has to be sent to Multichoice. You can also follow the RESET instruction on the TV screen.
You have just changed your package (upgrade/downgrade). In this case, Multichoice has to be contacted to confirm upgrade/downgrade of your package.
Payment was made to a wrong smartcard number. You will have to call Multichoice to request a transfer of funds. You will need to provide the identification document and proof of payment, and then send an email to Multichoice stating the wrong smartcard you paid to and the correct smartcard number the payment should be transferred to.
However the instances where Multichoice does not allocate a payment correctly are rare. However if this happens, you can contact our 24 hour support team by chatting us on our Live-chat platform or dialing 08138752358 or by sending a mail to for a swift resolution.


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