How to play Spin Lotto online on your MTN line

PISI Integrated Service has unveiled Spin Lotto as part of its commitment to reward its loyal customers.

In a statement, the PISI Integrated Service Managing Director, Omar Farouk Edewor, said in a bid to reward their customers for patronizing their platform, the organisation has come up with new promos Spin and Win and 5 Lotto, which allows millions of Nigerians across the country to win up to N 200,000,000 daily.

Spin lotto is an SMS and USSD based lottery made up of two mobile lottery games, Spin and Win and 5 Lotto.

He said Spin and Win is an instant win game where players can win data, airtime and cash prizes instantly, while 5 Lotto is a number-based lottery; players can win up to N 200,000,000 daily by picking 5 numbers from 1 to 56.

He said: “If a player’s submission matches the winning numbers of the day they stand the chance to win cash prizes up to N 200,000,000!

How to play Spin Lotto Nigeria

  • All you have to do to participate in Spin Lotto’s daily and instant draws is to send the keywords for the different price points; by text “DSLOTTO” to 20077 at N 50.
  • Text “DSSPIN” to 20077 at N 50.
  • Text “LOTTO50” to 20077 at N 50.
  • Text “SPIN30” to 20077 at N 30.
  • Text “SPIN50” to 20077 at N 50.
  • Text “SPIN100” to 20077 at N 100.
  • Text “LOTTO100” to 20077 at N 100
  • or by simply dialing *20077# to get started.

Spin Lotto Ambassador, Cross stated that the promo is real and encouraged everyone to play in order to stand a chance of winning big.

Spin Lotto is currently only available on MTN but shall be available across all networks shortly.

Speaking further, Cross added: “All you need to win is a SIM card & with as little as N 30 you can win data, cash or airtime prizes. With N 50 you can win up to N 200,000,000! E choke o!.”

The Chairman of PISI Integrated Services, Tosin Obafemi added: “You can renew your daily subscription for a better chance to win as the lucky winners are paid almost instantly. If you have an MTN number, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to spend as low as N 50 for a chance to win N 200,000,000 cash.”


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