How to Register as an OPay Agent –Get Free Opay Mini POS Machine

POS business is the new way shop owners can add an extra source of income to their existing business. Opay is part of new crop of Fintech companies that are empowering Nigerians with a way to own and operate their own ‘mini-banks’. If you’re looking for information on how to register to become an Opay agent and get a free Opay mini POS machine, then this article is for you.

Opay finance is the financial technology (Fintech) branch of the Chinese backed Opera Inc. which provides financial services and payment solutions to Africans businesses in recent years. The company began operations in July, 2018 when it replaced it’s predecessor, OperaPay. The company has since grown to having over 300,000 agents across Nigeria, with over 5 million customers using its smartphone apps.

Opay has become a household name in Nigerian Fintech, with most Nigerians using their app to pay bills, buy recharge cards, transfer and withdraw money at POS agent locations.

How to register and become an Opay agent

Becoming an Opay agent means you are in the agency banking business. You can provide banking services for your immediate community and earn commission on each transaction you perform. Services you will be providing include: sales of recharge cards, bill payment, funding of several wallets including Bet9ja, BetKing, Nairabet and of course, deposits and withdrawals. In a way you save your community from having to go to the bank to make these transactions and they in turn will pay you a commission Everytime they use your services.

OPay agent requirements

You must know how to read, write and communicate: it goes without saying that basic communication skills is good for any business, and as a mobile banking agent, you should be able to read basic English because the app’s interface is in English.
1 passport photo, utility bill, means of ID, and Corporate Affair Commission documents (optional): the utility bill is to verify your business address so your electricity bill that is not later than three months will do. Your means of ID should be either your voters card, international passport, driver’s license or national identity card, just your NIN slip will do. If your existing business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC that will be a big plus that will lend more legitimacy to your business, but if you’re not yet registered no problem.
A smaller or medium size shop will be required for customer base contact: you can start with just a table and an umbrella, all you need is some sort of address that can be located.
You must have an android mobile phone that is functional and internet friendly: the app is on Google Play store, so you’ll need a smartphone to download and use it.
Bank verification number BVN: your details will have to be verified and logged into the system. The BVN is a unique eleven digit biometric number which can be used to identify every player within Nigeria’s financial infrastructure.

How do I register as an OPay Agent

Opay agent registration is done via the Opay agent app.

  • Download and install the Opay Agent App on your smart phone
  • Use your active phone number to complete the installation. If you’re using MtN or Airtel it is data free.
  • Fill the online form correctly and provide the following; passport photo, utility bill, means of ID, and CAC documents (optional).

How To Get a Free Opay Mini POS machine

You don’t need the POS machine to perform most transactions like bill payment, deposit and withdrawal, you can do all that on your smartphone. You only need the POS machine when your customers come with their ATM cards. Luckily, instead of the big POS machine that is bulky and much expensive, you can get a mini POS machine for free.

Opay mini POS machine

Opay gives its agents a free point of sales (POS) machine to help improve their businesses.

To get this mini POS without any hidden charges and no causion fee, visit the Opay online portal and enter your business details. If you’re already an agent you’ll be required to verify to your details including your phone number, email, and business location.

After successful registration, an OPay Mini Specialist will contact you in 48 hours! or contact them on +23418888329 and

Opay mini POS machine

Why Choose OPayMini POS machine?

  • It’s portable, more functional and durable than your regular POS.
  • You can perform transactions like check-outs, withdrawals, deposits, airtime/data top-ups, pay bills and other mobile banking services.
  • You get an instant settlement for your transactions.
  • Enjoy lower charges (as low as 0.5% per transaction)*
  • No guarantee deposit to collect a mini POS terminal, no hidden fees.
  • Many more incentives
  • Initial charge per transaction is 0.6% and then 0.5% after upgrading to Preferred Merchant status.


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