How Much Is Nairaland Worth?

Have you ever thought of buying Nigeria’s premier internet forum, Nairaland? Well, you are not alone.

With the news of the recent purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, a Nigerian billionaire – Dr Stephen Akintayo has made similar moves to acquire what is arguably the country’s most popular website.

But how much exactly is Nairaland worth and will the owner be willing to sell?

Nairaland is a leading Nigerian internet forum that was founded by Seun Osewa in 2005 and it has remained one of the most visited websites in the country since then.

It is a platform that offers discussion forums on a wide range of topics from politics to sports to romance and news amongst others.

Everyday the website draws not just thousands of Nigerians home and abroad but also foreigners who want to learn about the country’s culture and people.

Nairaland’s obscure owner

Nairaland, the forum is easily one of the most popular brands in Nigeria but even daily visitors to the website might be shown a picture of Seun Osewa – the website owner and still fail to recognize who he is.

Infact up until recently when he became relatively active on Twitter, Seun has managed to keep his face off the internet. This added a bit of mystery to the website, who owns it and how it functions.

Seun’s lack of media interaction means the website is not getting as much feedback as it should which in turn has kept the website almost as it was in 2005 when it was first founded.

Nairaland Daily Visitors and Factsheet


  • Daily Unique Visitors: 491,500
  • Monthly Unique Visitors:15,745,000
  • Daily Pageviews:4,740,500 (7.00 per visitor)
  • Alexa Rank: 996 in global internet engagement
  • Traffic source: 22% organic traffic
Visitors by Country
  • 🇳🇬 Nigeria
  • 🇮🇳 India
  • 🇺🇸 United States


Search for anything on the internet that has the keyword “Nigeria” or “Naija” in it and a page from Nairaland is most likely to be in your results.

What will determine Nairaland’s value?

Unlike Twitter that is a publicly traded company with share holders, Nairaland is a private website entirely owned by a single individual. the selling price of Nairaland will be determined by the domain name value, which has been estimated to be worth $2,643,093. Other factors that determine the selling price will include how much the website generates yearly and operational cost – server fees and workers salary amongst others.

One of the biggest criticism Nairaland has faced over the years is that the website design and interface has remained unimproved over the years and it is poorly monetized.

Whoever ends up buying the website would have to look into fixing these issues. But for now, doesn’t look as though Seun Osewa is interested in selling his website.


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