MUFCFOOTBALL.COM REVIEW: This website is a pyramid scheme

There was a survey conducted in 2018 that estimated that Nigerians loose over 1 billion Naira daily to sports betting. This no doubt proves how popular sports betting is in the country.

Football which is the most popular sport in Nigeria especially gets a lion share of the sports betting business. In recent times, this popularity has led to the rise of “reverse betting” platforms like


In traditional betting websites like Nairabet and Bet9ja, a punter wagers on the outcomes of certain games. For example a punter might wager N1000 on Arsenal to beat Wolves at 1.40 odds. If Arsenal wins, the punter gets their N1000 back plus N400 as profit. But if they loose, the punter looses their N1000 wager to the betting company. Simple!

But in reverse betting like in the case of, the platform provides the punter with the opportunity to wager on a predefined correct score.

For example, if a punter is given the correct score of 2-1 in the game between Arsenal and Wolves, the punter wins in the game ends at any final score other than 2-1, you only loose if the game ends in 2-1.

Now even when the game ends at 2-1, you don’t actually loose, the betting company will return your wager!

The only time you actually lose is when you don’t play the game given to you by the group, and it ends up bad, there will be no refunds.

If all these sounds way too good to be true, that is because reverse betting is a pyramid scheme and a ponzi, more on that in a second.

Is legit or a scam? and other reverse betting platforms are a pyramid Ponzi schemes that will eventually crash in time.

The website incentivizes punters to bring more people in other to earn a bonus, no actual wagers are being made as punters don’t actually loose money, the platform owners have to make their money one way or the other and the only way they will make their money is when the scheme eventually crashes.


MUFCfootball agent referrals bonus and Monthly Salary

As stated earlier, the whole scheme relies on registered users to bring in more users. the website pays the following for referring other punters.


Invite 3 people get 7,000NGN reward

Invite 11 people get 26,000NGN reward

Invite 28 people get 66,000NGN reward

Invite 55 people get 100,000NGN reward

Invite 77 people et 200,000NGN reward



MUFCfootball deposit and withdrawal

Punters can get started on the website with a minimum of N3,000. You can pay via bank, USSD and international bank transfer.

The minimum amount of withdrawal on this website is 3,000 naira. registration/sign up

To sign up on this platform, you will need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click on REGISTER
  3. Input the required details like username, password, invite code, phone number
  4. Click on SIGN UP

Caution should be taken when interacting with websites and online platform that promise rewards without work or risk. With traditional betting websites you know how they make their money. is a pyramid scheme that will eventually crash when enough people have invested in it. Our recommendation is you stay away from reverse betting.

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