KUDI POS – How to become an owner operator of POS business in Nigeria

With the introduction of cashless policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the role of conventional banks in cash transactions is becoming more and more redundant.

This is where fintech startups like Kudi come in, these companies make online banking transactions more easily accessible to people most especially in rural areas where conventional banks rearly have service branches.

Kudi does this in partnership with a network of agents who own and operate their businesses independently.

Kudi agents earn a specific amount of commission on each transaction they perform for their customers, these transactions can range from sale of recharge cards to cable TV subscriptions to funding different types of wallets including Bet9ja, Betking amongst others.

The interesting thing about being a Kudi agent is existing shop owners can simply integrate POS business into their existing business by getting a FREE KUDI POS MACHINE!!

How to become a Kudi agent

You don’t have to be well educated or tech-savvy to become a Kudi POS agent, but like most things that have to do with tech, you will need a basic Android phone with internet access.

Follow the simple steps below

  • Download the official Kudi app on Google or IOS play store
  • Register with your phone number and link your bank details to the Kudi app
  • Request for the agent’s form, fill it out, and submit it online
  • You will be required to make a deposit of N20,000 as caution fee to get a free POS machine

Reqirement for Kudi agent registration

To register as a Kudi agent and qualify for a free POS machine, you need to submit the following documents:

  • A valid identity card, your national identity card
  • Bank verification number (BVN)
  • Utility Bills, to proof your address eg electricity bill
  • 2 Passport photographs

What you can do with the Kudi App as an agent

Money transfers: a lot of people will be looking to transfer money to their families and friends. Instead of making the journey to a bank and standing in line for hours, they can simply make the deposit with a Kudi agent and save time and stress. With Kudi you can deposit in any bank account in Nigeria.

Withdraw money: again, instead of going through the stress of queuing at bank ATMs, customers can quickly and reliablely withdraw their money from any Kudi agent.

Airtime & Data purchase: the fastest selling commodity in Nigeria today is airtime & data, Kudi agents can simply be getting their share of this fast selling commodity.

Pay bills: every household pays electricity bills at least once a month, and almost every house hold now monthly pay for Cable TV subscription, and others

As Nigeria’s economy is becoming more and more digital, so are the opportunities for earning with fintechs.

You can contact Kudi through the following

  • Send them an email to Support@Kudi.Co
  • Visit their physical location at 19b Bosun Adekoya Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Or contact them on this phone number 01 888 5008

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much is kudi POS machine?

Kudi POS machine is free, however you will de required to deposit N20,000 as caution fee and also provide end-of-day transaction report or statement of account to prove that you can meet the transaction target on the POS before you can get the free POS machine.

How much does Kudi charge for POS withdrawal?

Kudi’s transaction charge for POS withdrawals are:

  • For withdrawals less than 4,500 the charge is (N25 flat)
  • For withdrawals between 4,501 – 25,000 the charge is 0.6% of the transaction amount
  • For withdrawals between 25,001 – 500,000 Kudi charges N150 flat fee.

How can I get KUDI POS machine?

  • Simply download the app from Google Play store and register
  • You will be required to deposit N20,000 as causion fee after registration
  • KUDI POS machine is free!!


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