PalmPay App Review – earn cash back on every transaction in Nigeria

PalmPay is a Nigerian fintech app that can be used a range of financial transactions including, bank transfers, airtime recharge, data subscription, electricity, water, and Cable TV bill payment, and the app is capable of so much more.

The app also rewards users with cash rewards and cash back on some transactions performed using the app.


They don’t charge you for using their services. Bye bye maintenance fees and other silly charges!

Earn up to 15% cashback on airtime purchases and 3% on your bill payments. Plus get loads more coupons every day by participating in frequent promotions.

Transfer money to other PalmPay wallets and bank accounts for FREE for any amount, for your first 3 transactions per day. Thereafter, pay just N10. Compare that to the minimum N100 you pay per transfer using conventional banks.

Deposit funds to your wallet for free using your ATM card or transfer from any of your banking apps

Earn N300 in PalmPoints for inviting your friends to the app

Buy airtime and data as a group of 5 to enjoy even more discounts. Pay just N70 to get N100 recharge card!

Claim N30,000 Awoof Moni giveaway fund to dash to your friends and also get back. Give and earn up to N250 per friend!

Check in to the app every day to get extra coupons to help you save up to 20% on your airtime purchase

how PalmPay works:

Rewards on all transactions
Almost every transaction made on the PalmPay app is rewarded with PalmPoints or discount coupons.

A PalmPoint is a unit of measuring your reward on PalmPay, and it is equivalent to the Naira. So, 1 PalmPoint = 1 Naira, and it can be used to get up to 50% discount on future transactions made on the PalmPay app.

For airtime recharge, if you recharge #100, you earn 15 PalmPoints for your first transaction, and continue to earn cashback on all your airtime transactions on the app. The amounts you can earn depend on how much you transact, and the current offers available.

There is also a 2% bonus in PalmPoints when you pay Cable TV and electricity bills with the PalmPay app. This applies for the first 5 bill payments you make per month.

As a new user you also get various coupons that you can use to get discounts on the different services available on PalmPay and you can collect more coupons in various places within the app. Basically, I never pay full price again since I switched my transactions to this platform.

Cash spree
This is a fun feature that allows users to earn cash rewards for inviting family members and friends to download and register on the PalmPay app.

With this Cash Spree feature, you can earn up to #3000 just from referrals only. You pick the amount you want to earn ranging from N500 – N3000 and then invite the required number of people to be able to cash out.

Awoof Moni

The “Awoof Moni” feature is another type of referral feature on the app. With this one, your friends can get rewarded too.

The best thing about this feature is that you can send a free airtime coupon of up to N100 to both users of the PalmPay app and non-users, and once they redeem it, you get the same amount credited as a cash reward.

N50 Grab deals

It’s a great way of saving more on airtime if you’re a frequent card buyer, or earning from referrals if you prefer to get paid per new user rather than work towards a target.
N50 Grab deals

PalmPay also has a feature on the app to buy physical products like phones and electronics called PalmBuy.

Interestingly, you can get brand name phones at really good prices here. The Infinix Hot 10 is available on PalmPay for just N45,000 which is 8k cheaper than Jumia.

And one of my favourite promotional features on the app is N50 Grab Deals, which is like a daily mini-lottery for some of the products available to buy on the app.

You bid N50 for the deal of the day and a winner is chosen randomly from all who place a bid. If you win, the item will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge.

The best thing is that everyone who enters gets to increase money as the N50 bid will be given back as at least N60 in coupons. This is my favourite way to collect some extra discounts when I run out of coupons on my account.
Group Buying
The way it works is that if 5 people using the app buy something together, you all get a discount.

Group Buying
The way it works is that if 5 people using the app buy something together, you all get a discount.

Discounts are available for airtime, data, bills, betting and electronics items.

And that’s not all.. there are still more ways to get discounts and rewards on PalmPay like the Daily Check-in Rewards, Gemstones, Step and Earn feature and so on. Anyway, to put it simply, you could be saving literally thousands of Naira every month on your everyday transactions!

How to download PalmPay

  • Download and install the PalmPay app from the Google Play store or Apple store
  • Share some information about yourself to create an account
  • Login to your dashboard to begin enjoying massive discounts.

Is PalmPay legit?

Yes, PalmPay is legit. The app keeps your money protected using the most advanced technology and follow GDPR standards for data handling. It encrypts all of your data and do not share your information with 3rd parties. PalmPay is a Mobile Money Operator licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria

PalmPay customer care number and CONTACT

If you have any feedback, questions or concerns please call this helpline 01 700 5700

  • Follow on social media: @PalmPayApp on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Visit website:
  • Get in touch with support team:


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