NCash Loan App Review – Personal loan app in Nigeria

NCash is a secure online loan app that offers quick and flexible personal loans to Nigerians. The app offers loans up to N 100,000 with no paperwork, Free registration and no collateral.

NCash offers simple and No upfront fee online loan in Nigeria.

How do I apply for NCash loan in Nigeria?

Get an instant loan in 5 simple steps:

  1. Download and install the NCASH LOAN APP from the Google Play Store.
  2. Register an account.
  3. Select the product you would like to apply for.
  4. Fill out your basic information, then submit the application.
  5. Receive your loan straight into your bank account, all in less than five minutes.

NCash interest rate?

The Interest rate offered on NCash Loans is a minimum of 0.1% up to 1% daily. Maximum APR: 14%
Service fee: 0 and overdue fee:2.5%
📝Interest calculation:Loan amount is 10,000 NGN and the term is 91 days. If you are 2 days overdue,the amount payable is 10,599 NGN(10,00014%/36591+10,000+10,000*2.5%)
Note, your actual interest rate might differ significantly from these as each rate is calculated differently based on the borrower’s credit worthiness and credit score.

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Loan amount starts from a minimum 1,000 NGN to maximum of 100,000NGN
Loan term: 91 days – 120 days
Expect your loan term to be significantly lower as individual loan terms are calculated based on credit worthiness and credit score.

Repay your loans in time or complete Increase Limit tasks to build your credit limit and reduce the interest rate.

Why choose NCash?

  • No collaterals: No hidden fee and without any collateral loan in Nigeria
  • Convenient to get the loan: Paperless and digital process on your mobile. All the steps can be done online.
  • Easy to approve: If you are a Nigeria citizen and your age is over 18 years old

Is NCash legit or a scam?

NCash loans appear to be legit in that alot of reviewers on Google play store commend their fast fund disbursement and the easy to use user interface on the app. However, this app will collect your contacts at the point of registration and call them if you default on your loan. Customers have complained that they were reported to their families and friends as debtors even after just a single day of defaulting. Read other customers reveiw on Google play store and be careful when using this app.

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NCash Contact and customer service

If you have the need to reach out to the customer service you can contact them via:
office Address: Lateef Jakande Rd, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Email: [email protected]

6 thoughts on “NCash Loan App Review – Personal loan app in Nigeria”

  1. HV paid my money into your zenith Bank account since on Thursday last week instead of u to go and confirm from ur bank ur sending messages to my contacts just to tanish my image wicked people

  2. Roseline oghenevwogaga

    Please I don’t know how to pay the loan back to which account l don’t know pls help

    1. You should reach out to the customer service through the official channels, and if you can’t reach them hold your money, they will contact you when it’s time to repay. Be careful not to pay into the wrong account.

  3. Hello,Pls anyone that has Ncash contact here should warn them from sending msgs to people to harrass them .I don’t even know the person that borrowed money from them and gave them my details.The person’s number they sent to me is not going through and Ncash itself even doesn’t have a contact number..What kind of rubbish message is that.

  4. Dear N kash,

    I just got this text message on my phone and I thought of sending you a direct Email.

    TREAT AS URGENT: This is to inform the general public that: Jennifer omoefe ; Phone: 08167289975/ 08167906153 is a FRAUDSTER AND DECIETFUL PERSON,THIS PERSON has PROVEN to be a RUTHLESS/CHRONIC and UNREMORSEFUL DEBTOR who goes about COLLECTING MONEY from different COMPANIES . this person is currently on the run with our companies money(NCASH) and has refused to pay nor pick our calls. Be informed that this person has been declared wanted. Pls contact us if you have any information about this person as soon as possible, else the company will proceed to the next action, because this person provided us with all your details and if you are not aware of this loan you can as well call the person to delete your information in the app,, because soon the person pictures along side your own pictures will be posted on all social media in the next FEW HOURS……NCASH.

    Please be informed that I’m not aware of the person(Omoefe Jennifer) stated above and whatever transactions you had with him/her, I can also remember I didn’t sign any guarantor form for anybody.
    So the minute I see any part my information online for this, deformation of character sets in. So be prepared as well. N kash won’t dent my image in anyway and go scot free, this I promise.

    #Dominic Oghenekevwe!

    Thank you and may God bless you.


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