How to make money from fantasy football FPL

The English Fantasy Premier League FPL had over 9 million players in the just concluded 2021/2022 season. This presents massive money-making opportunities for punters and followers of the English Premier League.

Another football season will soon be upon us starting in August. As clubs and players prepare to make big money deals, fans of the game can also earn extra cash in addition to the excitement the games already bring.

For those unfamiliar with the FPL – it is a game played on the official website of the English Premier League, where players get to select 15 players from the league and earn points corresponding to their players’ performance in the match week. It is an exciting and engaging way to demonstrate knowledge of the league by predicting the top performers of each week. FPL registration is free and open to everyone, plus there are prizes for the highest point earners of each match week, month and the overall best.

Here are ways you can make money from fantasy football:

1. Register for the FPL

When you register your 15-man FPL squad on the official website of the English Premier League, you stand a chance of winning exciting rewards. The FPL does not offer cash rewards but you can win other prizes including keychains, water bottles, game consoles, and even an all-expenses-paid vacation to England if you have more fantasy points than other players.

2. FPL influencer

Influencers on the internet generally make a lot of money, and being an FPL influencer can be especially rewarding. Influencers who are popular on social media for sharing FPL tips can earn revenue from ads. But to be an FPL influencer, you have to be good at predicting and analyzing the game. This can be rewarding if you can dedicate the time and you are good in analyzing stats.

3. Blogging

Closely related to making money by being an influencer on social media is creating and running a blog dedicated to FPL topics. About 9 million players are expected to register for FPL this season, which means there will be plenty of people searching for answers to their FPL related questions. A well optimized blog with Google AdSense ads that answers such questions can be a goldmine for the owner.

4. Betting

It is possible to bet on Fantasy Premier League. There are platforms that allow punters to put up their FPL teams against that of other punters with a wager. All the wagers are accumulated with the team with the highest FPL points at the end of each game week, month or overall winning the bet as determined by the platform. Although, FPL betting is relatively less popular compared to traditional betting, it can be rewarding for those interested in it.

FPL doesn’t have to be just thrilling as you follow the ups and downs of your favorite teams, it can also make you some money as well as create employment opportunities for others in your community.


when will FPL 2022/2023 registration start?

The new English Premier League season for 2022/23 will kick off on the weekend of August 6, 2022. Fixture schedule for the season will be out on June 16 and Fantasy Premier League registration portal is expected to open on Monday June 20, 2022.

How does FPL make money?

Since FPL is played on the official website of the English Premier League, FPL makes money from the league’ advertisers’. adverts from different sponsors are placed throughout the game’s pages. And with over 9 million managers last season alone, there is no shortage of eyeballs to see those adverts.

Do managers get paid from Fantasy Premier League?

No, FPL does not give cash rewards. However, prizes including branded keychains, water bottles, game consoles and even an all-expenses-paid vacation to the UK can be won. Managers can win cash reward if they wager their teams against other managers’ on other platforms that allow FPL betting.

Is fantasy football gambling?

No, FPL is not gambling since you are not staking money on the top performers each week. FPL is meant for recreational purposes only and as a way to demonstrate your knowledge of the league. Although, managers can place bets amongst friends and in private leagues, the official FPL portal is free to register and no cash reward is involved.


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