Mr Macaroni Releases A New Skit Explaining His Arrest At Lekki Toll Gates

Comedian Debo Adedayo popularly known as Mr. Macaroni has released a skit in which he explained the events of February 13, when he was arrested and brutalized on camera by officers of the Nigerian police.

Some youths have planned a fresh round of protests tagged #OccupyLekkitollgate after reports that the Lagos state government was planning to reopen Lekki toll gates without concluding investigations into the events of October 2020, when some protestors were allegedly massacred by the military while protesting against police brutality.

The seven-part skit released on Twitter was captioned ‘One Coward, 39 Heroes.’

Part one opened with Mr. Macaroni on the phone speaking about his plans for the day, he revealed his only plan for the day was to shoot some skits and he wasn’t going to the toll gates, the venue of the planned protest.

But on getting to his skit set, he started to receive updates via social media on what was happening at the toll get, and in a snap decision, the comedian left his film set, stopped a biker, and was headed to the very Lekki toll gates he had no plans of going that day.

Part two started with Mr Macaroni getting arrested for walking on the street. Just like in the skit a lot of people arrested that day say they were picked up for simply walking on the street. As for Mr Macaroni, his arrest might not be unconnected to the fact that he was streaming the police’s actions to millions of his fans on the internet.

Parts 3, 4, and 5 detailed how the police brutalized protestors arrested that day. They were mocked, beating, and stripped of their clothes. Of all the events of February 13, the most chilling was a video, which was recorded by police officers showing protestors stripped of their clothes and packed inside a bus in the most dehumanizing way possible.

screenshots from Mr Macaroni arrest video on February 13.

Mr Macaroni and the 38 others arrested on February 13, were eventually tried and later released by a mobile court. They were ordered to undergo a Covid-19 test and are scheduled to reappear in court on the 2nd of March.

Mr Macaroni said he did not regret his decision to be at the Lekki toll gates but rather thank God he was there to witness police brutality first hand.


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