Reno Omokri blames ‘rot in the society’ as he reflects Chidinma’s murder case

Reno Omokri, an aide to former president Jonathan has shared his thoughts about the 21 year old UNILAG student, Chidinma Ojuwku, who confessed to stabbing Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga, multiple times which led to his death.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Reno blamed bad parenting and bad society for Chidinma’s actions. He said Chidinma was corrupted by the ‘small girl with big god” mentality. He opined that if Chidinma and Usifo’s orgy did not end up in murder, she would have also been online motivating young girls like some motivators who also get money from men to inflate their buttocks and boobs.

In his post titled “Very Unpopular Opinion” Omokri opened by telling his followers he don’t go with the crowd. He goes with his conscience.

The former aide urged Nigerians to not the 29 years age difference between Osifo and Chidima writing: ‘Everybody is in a rush to demonise Chidinma. But it takes two to tango. Chidinma is 21. Usifo was 50. Between them, there existed a 29 year age gap. She could have been his daughter.

‘How many of you condemning Chidinma were mature at 21? We are now circulating videos of her smoking. How many of you did not smoke at 21? She erred. She should be punished. However, let us try to find out why it happened and make course corrections as a society.’

A lot of Nigerians have blamed Chidima for what they describe as the ‘get rich quick’ mentality most youths have. But Omokri has a different take, he wrote: “Chidinma is also a victim. Of bad parenting and a bad society. We are now a society that is so religious that we expect ‘grace’ to cover everything.

“In Nigeria, poor parents suddenly see their young daughters with a Range Rover, and rush to church for thanksgiving, not minding what Scripture says in Deu 23:18.

“Nigeria is now a society that prioritises wealth over morals. We are a society that celebrated a billionaire, who already had a sizeable International harem, for marrying his granddaughter’s age mate. And the union was promoted and blessed by the parent. It was celebrated as a super love story in the media. That was our own fairy tale Cinderella story for young girls to look up to. And we are surprised we ended up with Chidinma?”

Usifo Ataga is reported to be married, his wife and children are said to be living in Abuja while he is based in Lagos.

While chidinma’s actions are entirely her’s, it is important to also spare a thought for the older married man who sponsored her corrupt lifestyle. Omokri continued: “Chidinma was obviously corrupted by the ‘small girl with a big God’ phenomenon. If not that their drug induced orgy ended in murder, the man may have funded her lifestyle and she would be motivating young girls on Nigerian blogs.

“Where do you think these surgically enhanced motivators get money to inflate their buttocks and their breasts? They claim to have businesses you can never see. In truth, they are senior Chidinmas, with their own ‘big gods’ in Banana Island.

“Look, Nigeria should wake up and smell the coffee. Chidinma is a symptom of the rot in our society. We are now a society of ‘no car key, no chase me’, and ‘no Range Rover, no arrange me as your lover’. The Chidinmas that were not caught are more than the ones that were caught”


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