Teacher Monica Young cries in court over admitted sex with student

The Sydney teacher had earlier pleaded guilty to numerous counts of sexual misconduct and will learn her sentence in July.

Australian teacher Monica Young cried in court as the room heard how she groomed a teen student into a sexual relationship, and dared the boy to have sex with her on multiple occasions.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian teacher Monica Young faced her sentencing hearing Thursday after admitting to three counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a child under 16.

The court heard how the educator told her teen victim that he “didn’t have the balls” to get physical with her in an apparent dare for sex.

“You started to dare him by saying things like ‘you don’t have the balls’ in terms of physical contact with you. Who’s being inappropriate? He’s 14, isn’t he? You’re his teacher?” a prosecutor asked her, with Young responding “yes.”

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Monica Young, accused of sleeping with her student

She said the sexual acts occurred two or three times out of class and once or twice during teaching at school, and agreed with Mr Terracini that she had initiated the physical contact “every single time”.

Australian teacher Monica Young also admitted she was the aggressor in every sexual encounter with the 14 year old student, whom she first began by explicitly messaging on Snapchat.

The Daily Telegraph reported the court heard the educator once told the boy: “It‘s dangerous if we get caught but if you do it, it will be worth it.”

“This is not spontaneous,” the prosecutor told the court.

Young read an apology letter she wrote to the boy and his family aloud in court, crying while she did so.

The Greenacre woman was 23 and soon to be married, when she got her first full-time job at a Sydney school teaching teenage boys in March 2020.

“I have caused emotional pain to (the victim) and I regret that deeply. I deeply regret that I let the relationship progress as far as it did … it was inappropriate and wrong,” Australian teacher Monica Young told the courtroom.

“My intentions were never to hurt him,” she said. “I deeply regret allowing the relationship to progress as far as it did. I knew it was wrong.”

“The lines became blurred and there was a lack of judgment that led to these serious offenses,” Australian teacher Monica Young said.

“I cannot imagine how (the boy) and his family felt … it will be something they carry with them for the rest of their lives and it’s not something I can take back or change,” she continued, according to

Her high-profile barrister Margaret Cunneen SC told the court Ms Young, who was engaged at the time of the offences, “was in a relationship of several years … but it was going very badly”.

Prosecutor Alexander Terracini asked the judge to consider that Young sexually assaulted a student within months of starting full-time teaching as rationale for a custodial sentence.

“While it may be accepted she didn‘t go into teaching to get to children, in her very first job within months, she was abusing children,” Terracini said. ” The fact is she is a 23 year-old teacher and she is abusing a 14-year-old. That is why she needs to go to jail.”

According to PerthNow, Young told the court she is ashamed of her actions and that seeing a psychologist made her reflect on the “foolishness” of her behavior.

Australian teacher Monica Young is set to hear her sentence on July 8. She remains free on bail.


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