South African man called in an Excavator to demolish a house he built for his girlfriend after she broke up with him

In a bizarre story of love gone sour, a wealthy businessman in South Africa has allegedly hired an excavator to demolish the house he built for his girlfriend after she ended things with him.

A video clip of the home being torn down by an excavator was shared on social media with many locals saying the businessman was angry at his ex-girlfriend and decided to teach her a lesson.

Reacting to the story, one South African who saw things from the financial aspect said:  Either way he loses…If the house is in his name, he is just destroying his own property.. if her name is on the deed then she can sue and get her money back’

Another said “This should serve as an example to all women who lack ambition and relax coz the husband does everything. Women must learn to be independent. Those who believe “A man must do everything” will regret it later.”

But others saw things a bit differently with one saying: ‘the aim is to make the ex GF get chest pains. He is clearly not concerned about the costs’

Another said: ‘No focus here you don’t take back something you did for someone in good times even if she cheated in that house you must just walk and understand odladilwe’ 


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