study reveals top features women find sexy in bed

For men who have always wondered what women find sexy in their male partners, a recent study has found that well-treated beards and brown eyes are the biggest indicators of whether a man will make the perfect sexual partner.

The study conducted by asked 4,550 women to list the physical attributes of men they have had the best sex with.

Top on the list of attractive features for women was facial hair with a whopping 73% of participants claiming that their best sex partner sported a heavily forested chin.

Beards are argued to make men look more mature, masculine, and dominant which seems to help when it comes to performing in the bedroom.

Next, the proof that women just love bad boys, men sporting piercings and tattoos came in at 70% and 62%, respectively. Also in the mix were the broad-shouldered at 68%.

Both tattoos and broad shoulders are said to make a man more masculine and signal potentially having higher testosterone which means a better sex drive.

Other features that made the list include, small feet – 53% of women say men with small feet perform better in bed and bald heads (40%, cant argue that Vin Diesel isn’t sexy) made the list too and make the top 15 physical attributes of men who are best in bed.



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