Superstar: Nollywood movie review and film summary

Nancy Isime played the lead role in Inkblot Production’s latest movie, ‘Superstar’ which premiered in cinemas across Nigeria yesterday December 29.

Nancy’s acting was good as she starred in the drama directed by ‘Elevator Baby’ director, Akhigbe Ilozobhie (Akay Mason) and also stars Timini Egbuson, Ufuoma McDermott, Eku Edewor among others.

The story revolves around Nancy’s character, Queen – who’s parents wanted her to study law at the University but had passion for acting and decided to study theater arts instead, she moved to Lagos after school and lived the life of a struggling artist until she eventually made it big in Nollywood.

‘Superstar’ features the usual cliche associated with Nollywood stories. For example, in one scene Queen lost lost her job, got sexually assaulted by a movie producer and found her boyfriend cheating with her best friend, and in the next scene she won twenty million naira and has become a superstar. Real life doesn’t work that way, there is no such thing as divine justice in the real world!

And then there is the cliche with the Nigerian police, a video of Queen where she accidentally hit and killed a man four years earlier was leaked on the internet by her bitter ex boyfriend and then she was picked up 15 minutes after the leak and taken to prison. The Nigerian police is not as professional as we would like them to be, but in a make believe movie you don’t have to show men in oversized black uniforms arresting someone without proper investigation or even solid proof besides a video on the internet.

‘Superstar’ can also be a feminist’s nightmare. In one scene Queen’s scumbag boyfriend seized her phone to stop her from chatting with other people online while at the same time he was chatting with other girls, it’s like the most antifeminist scene ever. Queen did eventually gave him a good beating when he crossed the line and got physical with her, thumbs up..

In all the movie is a decent production by Nollywood standard. A few laughs here and there and you will leave the cinema rooting for Queen as she goes through her troubled superstardom.

How to watch ‘Superstar’

‘Superstar’ will be showing in cinema throughout this Christmas season across Nigeria. Movie ticket price at Viva cinema is N2000 per adult and N1000 for popcorn with another N250 for drinks. You’ll need N3250 per adult to watch this movie at Viva cinema chain across the country, the price shouldn’t be far off at other cinema chains too. If you’ll like something extra you can watch it at the VIP section of Genesis cinemas starting at N7000 per adult.


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