To U Loan Review: this app is a scam

There is a loan app on Google playstore called To U loan. This app is fraudulent and you should avoid it.

We review plenty of loan apps and financial products here, and from time to time we come across an app on the playstore that has been designed by scammers to extort money from unsuspecting borrowers.

This app has been on Google Playstore for months now and has over 100k downloads, the developers are running ads thereby attracting more unsuspecting victims.

When you first download the To U Loan app, they will ask you to fill out your normal KYC details, this is done to make the app seem legit as other loan apps also demand for KYC info. They’ll ask for your name, address and BVN, then they will ask you to bind your ATM card to your account to make an upfront part payment of your loan or pay a processing fee.

This is the scam, they might offer you a high loan amount like 300k which will motivate you to make an upfront payment of a token like 4k to process your loan. once you made this payment the app will start to redirect you to the adverts of other loan providers.

To U Loan is a scam, they don’t have any functional phone number for contact. The office address displayed on their app and on playstore is fake. Their email address is also a hoax as it wont even deliver when you try to send them a message.

How to detect a fake loan app

  1. Loan apps asking for KYC information including your BVN and asking you to bind your ATM card to your account is normal, but when an app is asking you to make upfront payments or pay for processing fee, such an app is most likely a scam.
  2. Always read other customer’s review on play store or read reviews on websites like this before downloading any loan app.
  3. If an app does not have a contact phone number, or the phone number is not functional, that is a redflag.
  4. Pay attention to fake reviews on Google playstore, most of this apps pay spammers to write reviews for them. Most of the reviews will be from foreign accounts and will mostly give the app a five star without any reasonable comment.
  5. Dont part with money for what ever reason before getting your loan.
  6. there are a lots of loan sharks operating without regulation in Nigeria, know that Playstore does not rigorously verify this apps, it is up to you to do your research before doing business with them.


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        1. The moment they asked me to pay the sum of #4k, I began to dough them. Thank God, I didn’t pay.

          But can you help me with any genuine loan app on the playstore?

          1. Dude, it’s best not to borrow from these loan apps at all. But if you really need money you can try Branch, Carbon or Fairmoney

  1. hello To U Loan on the 25th of Nov 2020 at 09:40pm I requested for a loan and a sum of #4,399.00 that was the total amount that was deducted from my account into this account no(7605146827/Wema Bank )- Account name(ADC-NO/LOANNR_20211252139390548) before my wallet could be credit for the sum I’m applying for but unfortunately I couldn’t receive the loan till now and my #4,399.00 was not refunded back to my account like what’s going own if you guys can lend can you please return back my money into my bank account.

  2. Chai I gave dem 3600….but Nop God will punish dem Modify is d account name on To u loan and dey open anoda App again to do fraud….

        1. Your bvn holds your credit score, if you don’t repay your loans or paid late you might find it difficult getting other loans with that bvn number

      1. Thank you Ismael, for saving me from this fraudulent people. I wonder, how can they offer such an huge amount of money for the first time. It is very unlike others who will start from small loan for you.

  3. Thanks be God,I almost lost my small money in the name of online loan(to u loan app)in particular, thanks for diligent search.Please let’s be careful ✍️‼️

  4. I have falling victim to ,to u loan but hope der will not have access to remove any other money from my account???

  5. I just filled ther rubbish form and just that my account doesn’t have any money in it for them to withdraw cash… Can I cancel the Transaction that is already running so that they won’t take. My money once money enters into the account.
    And pls which loan app is legit and very fast bcos I really need money for my business and it’s getting late for payment .Barrester gave me till 30th January to pay for my 88 k balance for my shop I just got and payed for..pls help

    How can I get a faster legit loan my people

  6. I paid 3600 for the loan.and up to now I didn’t receive the money, please return my money to my account Abdullah yakubu u.b.a acunt no 2134227782.if not I will report to wema bank and to u loan group to efcc.allso notify all the social media about the evill act

  7. Ples return my #6000 into this acc 3095026830 first bank b4 something will happens 2 u

  8. I just got scammed of 3600 which I borrowed from a friend in order to get the loan from them ! I guess I was just so concerned about the loan I didn’t even listen to the holy spirit ! Kai 🔥

      1. My worry is the BVN submitted to them. Won’t they gain access to my account through my BVN? Pls respond.

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