Wizard coming back from coven meeting crash lands on rooftop

In a bizarre video going around on Nigerian social media, a man believed to be a wizard crash-landed on the rooftop of a building on his way back from a coven meeting at Okpokpor street in Okpara-Inland in Ethiope-East local government area of Delta State, south-east Nigeria. 

The man who was identified as Omamuyovwi, a commercial motorcycle operator who is well known in the community and married with two children, could be seen clutching a hundred naira note in his hand.

It was learned that he was flogged with plantain leaves and while at the point of setting him ablaze, the community vigilante rescued him.

An eyewitness disclosed that Omamuyovwi was taken to his family compound at Igberhe street by the vigilante, where he reportedly confessed to being a Wizard and committing several mysterious atrocities in the area.

He allegedly confessed that he was being chased by a deity (igberhe juju) from the coven where he went to fortify his craft when he ran out of “fuel” and crash-landed on the rooftop with one hundred naira in his hand.

About 98% of Nigerians identify as either Christians or Muslims but despite that witchcraft is still a fairly common practice among people living in rural areas.


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