XCross Cash loan app review – get up to N500,000 in minutes

With the current economic realities in Nigeria, taking a little financial help has become imperative for most people. XCross Cash loan app and other similar services are here to lend you a helping hand in times of financial emergencies.

What is XCross Cash loan app?

XCross Cash is a Nigerian loan app that offers borrowers short term medium and micro loans starting from N5,000 up to N500,000 in personal and emergency loans.

It is a Personal and reliable online loan app. Xcrosscash lets you activate your involving credit limit. You can withdraw cash anytime for urgent needs. And you have chance to level up your credit limit by different ways in every day, which means enjoy higher limit, lower interest, more flexible tenor by using it.

Xcross cash loan app ugrades your loan amount and borrows you a higher amount every time you repay your loan on time. And You have chance to raise your limit every day by taking some relaxed activities or system limit up, just keep a good repayment record.

The app has so far gained over 1 million downloads on Google play store with mixed reviews. Most costumers seem impressed with the app’s simple and smooth registration process. It uses a loan software to collect prospective customers information including phone records, banking transaction alerts, BVN to build the credit score of each borrower.

To qualify for higher amounts, be sure to keep good bank transaction messages on your phone and do not have outstanding debts with other loan apps!

Application is simple, just download the app from Google play store, provide some information about yourself, the algorithm will analyze your information, calculate your credit score and make you a loan offer all Within a few hours.

How to apply for a XCross Cash loan?

Loan application Steps:

  • Download and install the XCross Cash loan app from the Google Play Store.
  • Register an account.
  • Select the product you would like to apply for.
  • Fill out your basic information, then submit the application.
  • You’ll be charged N50 to bind your ATM card to your account to increase your chances and get a higher loan amount.
  • Receive your loan straight into your bank account.
  • You would be required to provide your BVN which will be used to determine your credit worthiness. When installing XCross Cash loan app they will require to be authorized to access your mobile information to verify your identity and assess your credit eligibility. Your data is protected by the highest security standards in the world. Under no circumstances will they disclose your information without your permission.

The N50 charged to bind your ATM card to your account is refundable, but can take anywhere from 7 to 12 business days for the money to be refunded back to your bank account.

Your BVN is linked to your credit score, so if you have an outstanding loan with other lenders or didn’t pay other lenders as at when due, expect your application to be rejected.

Your credit score is a record of your previous borrowings, how early or late you make your payments, cash transactions going in and out of your bank account among other information.

When you download this app you have to consent to it to get access to your phone book contacts that will serve as your guarantors, SMS to see your banking transaction records, apps on your phone to see how you use other loan apps and other details it uses to build your credit score.

Interest rate on XCross Cash loan?

The interest rate according to the company is Monthly interest rates from 0.9% to 4.7%, and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) from 10.8% to 56% per year
Example:If you choose a 6-month loan and borrow NGN100,000, Xcrosscash charges an interest rate of 0.9% per month. Borrow NGN Interest Rate: 5.4% and The APR is 10.8%. 180 days interest repayments of NGN 10,800. Total amount payment is NGN110,800

But in practice your actual interest rate might differ drastically from these. That is because each rate is calculated differently based on your personal credit score, credit worthiness and other indicators measured by the algorithm. See how loan apps make lending decisions and how to increase your loan amount.

Loan Limit starts From ₦ 5,000 to a maximum limit of ₦ 500,000
Repayment periods from a tenure of 91days to 180days.

Again in practice, this will depend on your credit worthiness, so expect a different tenure when you’re starting.


  • Fast loan processing
  • Tested and trusted, it has been around for a while now.
  • responsible customer service, relatively.
  • Charges maximum of 10% interest rate monthly.
  • Loan duration usually starts at monthly, most Nigerian loan apps have weekly loan duration.


  • High interest rates and short tenure especially for first time borrowers.
  • has networking issues that prevents card binding smoothly.
  • Auto debits customers ATM cards, sometimes before due date.

When taking loan, be mindful of the repayment plan. If you take a 60 days loan with two repayment installments, the app might attempt to auto debit you on the due date of the first installment and even charge overdue charges before the end of your 60 days tenure.

You can change your ATM card password to prevent auto debit. This app has been reported to deliberately auto debit their customers even after they have made payments via bank transfer.

Because there is no regulations in Nigeria, most of these apps are loan sharks who might threaten to send messages to your family members calling you a scammer if you default on your repayment. It is best to avoid these apps if you have other options.

If you’re being threatened or bullied by any loan shark in Nigeria, see this Facebook group where you can find support and read about the experience of others who have suffered bullying from loan apps.

XCross Cash loan eligibility and requirement

  • Applicants must be Nigerian citizens or legal Nigerian Resident
  • They must be in the working group between the ages 20-55 years old.
  • Have a Monthly income source.
  • Bind your ATM card to your account
  • Provide details of two of your next of kins including their phone numbers.
  • Have a good credit score with no outstanding loans from other lenders.
  • Have an active bank account.
  • Your phone number must be the one connected to your BVN.
  • Have a valid government issued ID card.

Please do not take a Xcrosscash loan to fund your lifestyle or service long-term debts. Short-term loans are helpful in emergencies but can quite expensive when compared to long-term loans and should be used with care.


With Xcrosscash, getting money is the easiest.
👉No waiting times to getting money. Their service is available 24/7- you can get money whenever and wherever you need it, right on your mobile device.
👉You can get funds, no matter who you are. Whether you’re salary earner or self-employed, Xcrosscash can help you achieve your goals.
👉Get rewarded for positive actions. By repaying loans on time, you have chance to get free interest rate on this app.

Is XCross Cash loan app legit?

Yes, Xcrosscash is a legit loan app that gives short term, high interest loans for emergency uses to customers. You can read other user’s review on Play Store before you download the app.

You should know that these loan apps are not registered or regulated by the CBN or any government agency in Nigeria. You are responsible for the security of your transactions with them and there is no way to seek redress for poor customer service.

Also its availability on Google play store does not make transactions performed on it secure. The play store merely provides an avenue for download, you are responsible for your own security while using loan apps in Nigeria.

How much can i borrow from XcrossCash loan app?

Xcrosscash gives loans of between N5,000 and N500,000. The loan amount you are given will depend on your credit score, your repayment history and your loan history with other lenders.

XCross Cash loan customer service CONTACT and office address?

The customer service is available to assist you with your request, reach them via
• Service Email: [email protected]
• the Office Address: 50c Sauket St, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


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  1. If I want to apply for 100k loan how much is the interest and how many month will I pay back

    1. You are unlikely to get such a high amount if you’re a first time borrower, you have to build your credit score by borrowing and paying back on time a couple of times.

    1. You have to start from somewhere, if you have strong credit score and received lots of heavy transaction alerts on your phone, maybe you can get a high loan amount

  2. Pls, l’m trying to repay my loan, but, your app says my card is bound. What other means can l use to pay? Please, send customer care number to me.

      1. Oga Ismaeel, I don’t know why your agent of this +234 816 346 8676 is disturbing me. I collected loan of 35,000 from Palmcredit which I’ve paid back N41,600. Since I struggled so hard because of the difficulty in paying back through the app, eventually I was given access bank acct. of which I provided the evidence of payment. Ever since, the above number has been asking me to give him/her N15,000 of which the delayed payment was no fault of mine. I’ve reported to the police. So much abuse on my WhatsApp no. up till this moment…I have never defaulted Palmcredit. I’ve even stopped patronising them.

        1. Simply blacklist the number and stop picking the call, it might be a scammer trying to take advantage. Did you check the app and see any outstanding on your dashboard?

    1. Contact support, the money might have hanged in the processing. They’ll already be counting your due date. Message customer care now

  3. I open xcross cash app for my big sister but since last four days now they have been saying declined try in 30days why and I told her that the app is good

  4. mass deduction of my loan repayment. am oluwole timothy contact no. 08034540938

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